Illuminating traffic sign plate

A technology of signs and traffic, applied in the field of traffic signs, can solve problems such as difficult to see signs, traffic accidents, etc.

Inactive Publication Date: 2007-04-18
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[0002] Now cities or towns are equipped with unified traffic signs across the country, and with the continuous expansion of urban traffic, the continuous growth of highway mileage, and a large number of vehicles, the large increase in vehicles has brought more and more traffic safety. There are many traffic accidents, and the reasons for the accidents are various, and the traffic accidents caused by the ...
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The invention discloses a emitting traffic sign board that installs LED according to the color of the identity of background color of traffic sign board. A layer of light transparent sheet cover would be added on the surface of sign board. The LEDs could be formed on line form of different color of sign board. The structure would be very shining in both daytime and night that would make people see traffic sign clearly.

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  • Illuminating traffic sign plate
  • Illuminating traffic sign plate


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[0014] Figure 1 is a luminous traffic sign (1). The specific implementation is to install the same color light on the existing traffic sign according to the base color of the traffic sign (1). A diode (13), a red light-emitting diode (3) and a white light-emitting diode (4) installed on the traffic sign (1) with a red background color (2) (5).
[0015] Figure 2 shows a light-emitting traffic sign (1). The specific implementation is that a blue light-emitting diode (7) and white (7) and white (1) are installed on the traffic sign (1) with a blue background (6). 4) White light-emitting diodes (5) installed in the background color.
[0016] In Figure 3 is a light-emitting traffic sign (1) The specific implementation is that a yellow light-emitting diode (9) and white (4) are installed on the traffic sign (1) with a yellow background (8). Installed white light-emitting diodes (5) of the background color.
[0017] Figure 4 is a light-emitting traffic sign. The specific implementation is to install a green light-emitting diode (11) and a white (4) background on the traffic sign (1) with a green (10) background. Installed white light-emitting diodes (5).
[0018] Figure 5 is a luminous traffic sign (1) The specific implementation is in (2) red background color or (6) blue background color or (8) yellow background color or (10) green background color or There is a black (12) background color plus a circle of white light-emitting diodes (5) in the middle position of the traffic sign (1). A layer of light-transmitting plate cover (14) can be installed on the surface of the traffic sign (1). The light-emitting diode (13) can be installed in the whole piece on several colors of the traffic sign (1), or it can be in the form of a line. The light-emitting diode (13) of each color can also be high-brightness. After this method, the traffic sign (1) can emit light during the day and night, and can be clearly seen from a long distance.


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