Automatic detection method for test paper form

An automatic detection and test paper technology, applied in the direction of instruments, character and pattern recognition, computer components, etc., can solve the problem that the form line cannot form a peak value, it is difficult to detect the form, broken line, form line and character sticking can not be satisfied, etc. , to achieve good practical value, high accuracy, high reliability and accuracy

Inactive Publication Date: 2008-12-03
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The former judges the table line by calculating the projected peaks in the horizontal and vertical directions, but if the table line itself is short or thin and has a slight slope, the peak may not be formed at the table line, so ...
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The invention relates to a pattern recognition technique in the computer processing field, in particular to an automatic detection method of a paper version table of a test paper. The method obtains the real time paper version image of the test paper by a camera; after preprocessing and fining, the elevation angle of the paper version image is find out by utilizing Hough conversion; then, horizontal and vertical line segments in the test paper are extracted; finally, the horizontal and vertical line segments are combined into the table by combining the elevation angle. By adopting the method of the invention, the efficiency and the accuracy of the automatic entry and recognition of table files and bills can be greatly improved.

Application Domain

Character and pattern recognition

Technology Topic

Line segmentComputer processing +5


  • Automatic detection method for test paper form
  • Automatic detection method for test paper form
  • Automatic detection method for test paper form


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Example Embodiment

[0041] Embodiment 1: In order to better understand the technical solutions of the present invention, the embodiments are further described in detail with reference to the accompanying drawings. The specific operation steps of the automatic detection method for the form of the test paper are as follows:
[0042] (1) Use Hough transform to find the tilt angle
[0043] ①Input sample
[0044] The real-time image of the test paper surface is obtained through the camera, and the image of the student number part and the score part are as figure 1 Shown.
[0045] ②Pretreatment
[0046] The computer performs gray-scale, binarization, smoothing and denoising, thinning and other processing on the real-time test paper image obtained, such as figure 2 Shown.
[0047] ③Calculate the tilt angle
[0048] Hough transformation is performed on the image of the test paper surface, and it is determined whether the image of the test paper surface is inclined. If there is an inclination, the inclination angle θ of the image of the test paper surface is calculated.
[0049] (2) Extract horizontal and vertical line segments
[0050] Combined with the above tilt angle, horizontal and vertical projection of the image of the test paper surface, such as image 3 , 4 at any time, and then extract the horizontal and vertical line segments in the image of the test paper roll surface, such as Figure 5 , Shown in 6.
[0051] (4) Form a table
[0052] According to the table line segments extracted above, combined into a table, the result is as follows Figure 7 Shown.


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