Portable box

A box and food box technology, applied in the field of portable boxes, can solve the problems of inconvenient portability and hazards

Inactive Publication Date: 2009-09-02
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Problems solved by technology

[0002] At present, the food that people eat and drink is not easy to carry, and it is still unable to satisfy the taste of multiple substances at the same time, and now people have smoking, drug use, drunkenness, gluttony, anorexia, tasteless mouth, bad breath, body odor, bad spirits, and poor feeling. Good ...
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The invention relates to a device which can enable people to conveniently carry daily necessities and can hold various articles intensively under the condition that the shapes of drink, food and daily necessities are uniform. Under the condition that various objects are put together, the invention can satisfy the demands of people for daily necessities and can inhibit people from a plurality of bad phenomena.

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Computer science


  • Portable box
  • Portable box
  • Portable box


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Example Embodiment

[0010] in figure 1 Among them, the food box (1) is only the size of a cigarette box, and next to it is packed rabbit meat (2) pheasant meat; (3) wild duck meat (4) donkey meat (5) Put these 4 kinds of meat into the box, and it becomes a food box for a variety of foods.
[0011] in figure 2 Among them, the taste box (1) is only the size of a cigarette box, and the liquid spray head on the beverage container (2) is the liquid spray head on the anti-mosquito bottle for medicine. The beverages placed in the container below are orange juice. (3) Orange juice (4) Coca-Cola (5) Sprite (6) There are 16 kinds of drinks, it is not convenient to draw on the picture, so I won't write it anymore. Put 20 kinds of drinks into the box and it becomes a taste box.
[0012] in image 3 Among them, the portable box (1) for mixed beverages and common items is the same size as the taste box, and the spray head (2) can be the same as the spray head of the beverage container in the taste box. The bottom is filled with orange juice (3) orange juice ( 4) Perfume (5) Hair gel (6) There are some 16 items of the same type that are not all written, and the above items are mixed in the box to become a portable box.
[0013] in Figure 4 In the portable box (1), the daily common items to be packed are all uniform in shape and size, and then packed into the box. The items are all the size and shape of cigarettes. They are perfume (2) refreshing skin (3) repellent Mosquito liquid (4), (5) to (10) are a combination of eyebrow pencil, lipstick, and powder. The bottom of the fixed eyebrow pencil (8) is seated on the external thread (5) and the eyebrow pencil cover (6) internal thread Screw and fix the external thread on the bottom seat of the lipstick (9) and then screw it with the lower lipstick cover, and then thread the outer thread on the bottom seat of the fixed powder (10) with the bottom powder cover. The contents can be a single finished product. However, as long as the combined product is of uniform shape, it is easy to pack. The liquid spray head (11) can be the same as the liquid spray head on the beverage container in the taste box, so that the shapes of commonly used items are unified, and they are packed in the box to become a portable box.


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