Pay-off device

A pay-off rack and rack device technology, applied in the field of pay-off rack devices, can solve problems such as wire breakage, and achieve the effect of avoiding breakage and simple structure

Inactive Publication Date: 2011-12-28
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In the process of unwinding, if a knotted steel wire is encountered, the unwinding will be blocked. When the tension exceeds a ce...
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The invention discloses a wire pay-off stand device, the wire prevention stand device includes a bracket, a bracket is fixed at one end of the bracket, and a travel switch is arranged beside the bracket, wherein the travel switch is fixed on the bracket ; A roller frame is arranged below the bracket, a vertical central axis passes through the bracket, its top end is fixed on the iron plate, and its bottom end is fixed on the roller frame. A spring is covered; a roller is fixed in the roller frame. As a further improvement of the present invention, a groove is provided on the circumference of the roller; the pay-off stand device also includes an iron rod, one end of which is fixed on the roller frame, and the other end is connected with an incoming coil. The coil is located under the roller frame. The pay-off device of the invention has a simple structure and can prevent the steel wire from being broken.

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  • Pay-off device
  • Pay-off device
  • Pay-off device


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Example Embodiment

[0012] Such as figure 1 , As shown in 2, a pay-off rack device of the present invention includes a bracket 1, a bracket 2 is fixed at one end of the bracket 1, and there is a travel switch 3 beside the bracket 2, wherein the travel switch 3 is fixed at The bracket 1; below the bracket 2 is provided with a roller frame 4, a vertically arranged central shaft 5 passes through the bracket 2, the top end is fixed on the iron plate 6, the bottom end is fixed on the On the roller frame 4, a spring 7 is sleeved on the central shaft 5; a roller 8 is fixed in the roller frame 4, and the circumference of the roller 8 is provided with a groove.
[0013] The pay-off rack device further includes an iron rod 9, one end of the iron rod 9 is fixed on the roller frame 4, and the other end is connected with an incoming coil 10, and the incoming coil 10 is located below the roller frame 4.
[0014] The pay-off rack device of the present invention has a simple structure. When the steel wire is pulled to a certain tension, the iron plate will touch the travel switch, the travel switch will be closed, and the pay-off work will stop, avoiding the steel wire from being broken.


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