Automatic capturing detection device for circuit boards and detection method

A detection method and detection equipment technology, applied in the mechanical field, can solve problems such as low detection efficiency, missed detection, and tilt, and achieve the effect of improving detection efficiency

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Generally, the circuit board is placed on the paper, and then stacked layer by layer. The position of the circuit board on the paper is often not centered or inclined. The use of general grabbing equipment will not work well due to the incorrect position of the circuit board. grab i...
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The invention provides an automatic capturing detection device for circuit boards and a detection method. The detection method comprises the following steps of: a capturing step, that is, capturing a circuit board by a capturing unit, and putting the circuit board on a movable plate; a CCD photographing step, that is, moving the movable plate to a position below a CCD camera, and photographing the circuit board by the CCD camera; an image processing step, that is, performing analysis comparison of the picture photographed by the CCD camera by a processing unit; and a classification output step, that is, capturing the detected circuit board from the movable plate by the capturing unit, and putting the circuit board at a corresponding position. The beneficial effect of the invention mainly lies in that: detection and automatic classification of circuit boards can be realized, which saves both time and labor, and improves the detection efficiency.

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  • Automatic capturing detection device for circuit boards and detection method


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[0025] The present invention discloses an automatic grasping detection equipment and a detection method for circuit boards, the detection equipment such as figure 1 What is shown includes a moving board 5 for placing circuit boards and carrying out transportation and movement, and the moving board 5 is arranged on the guide rail 4.
[0026] The grasping unit 2 for grasping the circuit board is arranged above the circuit board, and is driven by the movement of the cylinder shaft 3 to move horizontally. The gripping unit 2 is a suction plate or a suction claw, which is figure 1 The gripping unit 2 used in this is a suction claw. The suction plate is a suction plate with multiple holes, and specifically, it can have multiple structural types.
[0027] The device also includes an image processing unit for processing CCD photographic pictures, a classification output unit for classifying and outputting circuit boards, and a marking unit (not shown in the figure). The signal input end of the image processing unit is connected to the signal output end of the CCD camera unit; the CCD camera unit is a CCD camera 6, the CCD camera 6 is used to take pictures of the circuit board, and the device also includes a real-time camera unit , Used for taking pictures of the circuit board and analyzing them, the real-time camera unit (not shown in the figure) is arranged behind the CCD camera unit. After taking pictures through the real-time camera unit, the camera pictures are displayed on the display screen, and finally the circuit board is marked by the marking unit. The image processing unit is a processor. The marking unit is a marking machine.
[0028] The grabbing method includes the following steps:
[0029] First, the grasping step. At the beginning, the circuit board is placed on the table 1, and the grasping unit 2 grasps the circuit board and places it on the moving board 5. The longitudinal and horizontal movement of the grasping unit 2 is driven by the air cylinder.
[0030] Second, in the CCD photographing step, the moving plate 5 moves on the guide rail 4 to under the CCD camera 6, and the CCD camera 6 takes pictures of the circuit board.
[0031] Third, the image processing step, the processing unit analyzes the photos taken by the CCD camera; detects whether there are defects on the circuit board.
[0032] Fourth, the real-time camera photography step, the real-time camera captures images of the circuit board and displays the images on the display screen.
[0033] Fifth, the marking step, if the circuit board is found to be defective after being captured by the real-time camera, the marking unit will perform corresponding marking.
[0034] Sixth, the classification output step, the grab unit 2 grabs the detected circuit board, grabs it from the mobile board 5 and places it in a corresponding position.
[0035] The present invention still has a variety of specific implementation manners, and all technical solutions formed by equivalent substitutions or equivalent transformations fall within the scope of the present invention.


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