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A mechanical and three-dimensional technology, applied in the field of three-dimensional mechanical books, can solve problems such as difficulty in understanding, low participation of students, and insufficient intuitiveness of ppt teaching, and achieve the effect of easy portability and increased participation

Active Publication Date: 2014-12-17
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[0004] In order to overcome the existing disadvantages of difficult understanding, insufficient intuitiveness of ppt teaching, and low participation of students when learning mechanical principles, the present invention provides a met...
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The invention discloses a popup machine book which comprises a plurality of display pages. The display pages are bound with one another to form the popup machine book, connecting rods are arranged between the adjacent display pages, each front display page is fixedly connected with the corresponding connecting rod by a first fixing piece, each rear display page is hinged to the corresponding connecting rod by a second connecting piece, crank-slider mechanisms are arranged on the connecting rods, and each crank-slider mechanism is arranged on the corresponding rear display page; each crank-slider mechanism comprises a first rod, a second rod and a slider, one end of each first rod penetrates the corresponding connecting rod to be fixedly arranged at the edge of a joint of the corresponding front display page and the corresponding rear display page, the other end of each first rod is hinged to one end of the corresponding second rod, the other end of each second rod is hinged to the corresponding slider, and a machine model mechanism is fixedly connected to the tail end of each slider. The popup machine book has the advantages that the shortcoming that dynamic effects cannot be realized by ordinary books can be overcome, participation which is deficient in ppt (power point) teaching can be improved, and the popup machine book is portable.

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  • Popup machine book


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Example Embodiment

[0013] Reference figure 1 with figure 2 , Three-dimensional mechanical book, bound by several display pages 1. A connecting rod 4 is arranged between adjacent display pages 1. The previous display page and the connecting rod 4 are fixedly connected by the first connecting member 2, and the latter The display page is hinged with the connecting rod 4 through the second connecting member 3, the connecting rod 4 is provided with a crank slider mechanism, and the crank slider mechanism is provided on the subsequent display page; The crank-slider mechanism includes a first rod 5, a second rod 6 and a slider 7. One end of the first rod 5 passes through the connecting rod and is fixed at the junction between the previous display page and the next display page. Edge, the other end of the first rod 5 is hinged with one end of the second rod 6, the other end of the second rod 6 is hinged with the slider 7, and the slider 7 A mechanical model mechanism 9 is fixedly connected to the end;
[0014] The mechanical model mechanism 9 is a quadruped robot, and the quadruped robot includes a roller 8, a main linkage shaft 10, and a crank and connecting rod mechanism symmetrically arranged at both ends of the roller 8. The roller 8 is arranged on the slide On the block 7, the slider 7 drives the roller 8 to move; one end of the main linkage shaft 10 is fixed on the roller 8, and the other end is connected with the crank connecting rod mechanism.
[0015] Further, the crank connecting rod mechanism includes a first leg 901, a first connecting rod 902, a first rocker 903, a first crank 904, a second connecting rod 905, a second crank 906, a third crank 907, and a third crank. The connecting rod 908, the second rocker 909 and the second leg 910, the upper end of the first leg is hinged with one end of the first connecting rod, and the other end of the first connecting rod is hinged with the second connecting rod The other end of the second link is hinged to one end of the third link, the other end of the third link is hinged to the upper end of the second leg; the middle of the first link is hinged to the first One end of the rocker is connected by a first shaft 911 between the symmetrical first rockers on both sides; a first crank is provided at the hinge joint of the first connecting rod and the second connecting rod, and the first crank is symmetrical on both sides The two shafts are hinged through the second shaft 910, the second shaft passes through the center of the roller and the two ends are respectively connected to the first crank on both sides; the middle of the second connecting rod is hinged to the second crank, and the two sides are symmetrical The second cranks are connected by a third shaft 912; the second connecting rod and the third connecting rod are hinged with a third crank, and the symmetrical third cranks are connected by a fourth shaft 913; A second rocker is provided in the middle of the third link, and the second rockers symmetrical on both sides are connected by a fifth shaft 914.
[0016] The content described in the embodiments of this specification is only a list of the realization forms of the inventive concept. The protection scope of the present invention should not be regarded as limited to the specific forms stated in the embodiments. The protection scope of the present invention also extends to the technology in the field. People can think of equivalent technical means based on the concept of the present invention.


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