Revolving chair

A swivel chair and chair back technology, applied to chairs, chairs with vertically adjustable seats, stools, etc., can solve problems such as troublesome writing, and achieve low cost, unique design, and strong practicability

Inactive Publication Date: 2015-04-29
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[0002] In our daily life, we will use swivel chairs, but it is troublesome to write on swivel chairs, so adding a table board to the swivel chair is a common way to solve this problem, but people of diffe...
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The invention discloses a revolving chair, comprising a chair back, a seat, chair legs, handrails, a desk plate and a slide bar, wherein the chair legs are connected with the chair back through rotating shafts; the slide bar comprises a fixing section and a stretching section, and is connected with the handrails of the revolving chair through the fixing section; the stretching section comprises an inner pipe and an outer pipe; the outer pipe sleeves the inner pipe in a sliding manner, and is connected with the desk plate; and the desk plate is accommodated in a hollow cavity, can be taken out by turnover when needed, and can be stretched back and forth under the action of the slide bar. The revolving chair is simple in structure, very practical, and suitable for the requirements of people with different bodies.

Application Domain

StoolsAdjustable chairs

Technology Topic

HandrailBody type +2


  • Revolving chair
  • Revolving chair


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Example Embodiment

[0019] Example 1
[0020] A swivel chair includes a chair back 1, a chair seat 2, a chair leg 3, an armrest 4, and a table board 6, the chair leg 3 and the chair back 1 are connected by a rotating shaft, the swivel chair further includes a sliding rod, the sliding rod includes a fixed section 71 The fixed section 71 is fixed on the armrest 4, the stretched section includes an inner tube 72 and an outer tube 73, the inner tube 72 is connected to the fixed section 71, and the outer tube 73 is slidably sleeved on the inner tube 72, the outer tube 73 is connected with the table board 6. When the table board 6 is not used, the table board 6 can be stored in the cavity 5. When the table board 6 is needed, the table board 6 can be turned over and taken out. It can also be stretched back and forth under the action of a slider to suit the needs of people of different body types.


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