Face cleansing device

A facial cleanser and facial cleansing brush technology, applied in the field of facial cleansers, can solve the problems of increased use cost, easy pollution of the protective cover, and no facial cleansing brush, and achieve the effects of cost reduction, simple structure, and cost savings

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[0003] The technical problem to be solved by the present invention is that the existing facial cleansing instrument needs to be purchased additionally when it is air-d...
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The invention provides a face cleansing device; the face cleansing device comprises a housing; a motor and a power source are arranged inside the housing; the head of the housing is connected with a face cleansing brush housing; the middle portion of the face cleaning brush housing is provided with a switch button; the motor is connected with a face cleansing brush; the power source and the motor are electrically connected in series with the switch button; the face cleansing brush is covered by a protective cover; the protective cover is in thread connection with the housing; the front end the rear ends of the middle portion at the upper end of the handle portion of the housing are respectively provided with a cylindrical protrusion; the protrusions are movably connected with support rods. The face cleansing device is simple in structure, and convenient to use; the provided protective cover can prevent the face cleansing brush from being polluted and damaged; the bracket is able to support the head of the face cleansing device when finished using the face cleansing device, so as to air dry the face cleansing device; therefore, the cost required for buying a bracket is reduced, and the expenditure is saved.

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Bathroom accessories

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  • Face cleansing device


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Example Embodiment

[0011] In order to overcome the defects that the existing facial cleansing instrument needs to be purchased additionally when it is air-dried, the cost of use is increased, and at the same time, the protection of the facial cleansing brush without a protective cover is easy to be polluted and damaged. A detailed description of the facial cleanser.
[0012] like figure 1 The shown facial cleansing instrument includes a housing 1, a motor and a power supply provided inside the housing 1, a cleansing brush connected to the head of the housing 1, a switch button provided in the middle of the housing 1, and the The motor is connected with the cleansing brush 2, the power supply, the motor and the switch button are electrically connected in series, the cleansing brush 2 is covered with a protective cover 3, and the protective cover 3 is connected with the housing 1 by threads, and the The front and rear ends of the middle part of the upper end of the handle part of the casing 1 are respectively provided with cylindrical protrusions 4 , and the said protrusions 4 are movably connected with the support rods 5 .
[0013] It can be seen that when in use, press and hold the button switch, and the motor drives the cleansing brush 2 to clean and care for the human face; when the use is completed, the cleansing brush needs to be air-dried, and only the bracket 5 and the shell need to be rotated. The handle of 1 is at a certain angle to support the cleansing instrument, and the cleansing brush 2 can be air-dried in a natural environment. After the cleansing brush 2 is air-dried, the protective cover 3 can be screwed onto the housing 1 to cover the cleansing brush 2 to prevent stolen goods or Moisture enters the cleansing brush 2, causing pollution or damage to it, the structure is simple, the use is convenient, the cost of purchasing a cleansing instrument bracket is saved, and the cost of use is saved.
[0014] Among them, in order to make the supporting capacity of the bracket 5 more stable, and the combination of the bracket and the shell is firm and flexible, the support rod 5 is a U-shaped structure, and the upper part of the two ends of the support rod 5 is provided with a circular hole, and the circular hole It is sleeved on the protrusion 4 , and the upper end of the protrusion 4 is threadedly connected with a fixing member for fixing the support rod 5 to the protrusion 4 .
[0015] Among them, the sealing performance of the protective cover 3 is better, and the appearance structure of the facial cleansing instrument is not visible, so the cover opening of the protective cover 3 is fixedly connected with a sealing ring made of transparent rubber.
[0016] To sum up, the present invention provides a cleansing instrument, which has a simple structure and is easy to use, and the cover can protect the cleansing brush of the cleansing device from being polluted by stolen goods and damaged by moisture. The facial cleansing instrument can be supported in the middle, which saves the cost of purchasing the facial cleansing instrument bracket and effectively saves the use cost.
[0017] The above examples are only examples of the present invention, and do not constitute a limitation on the protection scope of the present invention, and all designs that are identical or similar to the present invention belong to the protection scope of the present invention.


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