Automatic flight control system parameter adjusting and integration method

A technology of automatic flight control and system parameters, applied in the aviation field, can solve the problems of cumbersome and complex parameter adjustment, and achieve the effect of fast automatic search

Inactive Publication Date: 2016-01-06
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Problems solved by technology

However, due to the large number of state points in the flight envelope, parameter adjustment is a very cumbersome and complicated task
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The invention discloses an automatic flight control system parameter adjusting and integration method. The method comprises the following steps of determining a national military standard requirement corresponding to a modality and taking performance indexes which need to be reached as target functions when a control law parameter is optimized; establishing a relation of the control law parameter and the target functions so as to find a parameter value with optimal control performance; endowing a weighting coefficient to each target function and carrying out comprehensive summation so as to acquire a total-utility target function; setting the acquired total-utility target function as a fitness function in a genetic algorithm, setting the control law parameter which is searched as an optimization individual of the algorithm and using the genetic algorithm to calculate a control law parameter value when the total-utility target function is optimal under each modality; establishing a function of a parameter value and dynamic pressure so as to obtain a control law parameter value in a whole envelope scope. By using the method, the control law parameter can be rapidly and automatically searched; a requirement of the national military standard to specific control performance of each modality is satisfied and the control law parameters of all the state points in the envelope can be rapidly determined.

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Simulator control

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Automatic controlA-weighting +13


  • Automatic flight control system parameter adjusting and integration method
  • Automatic flight control system parameter adjusting and integration method
  • Automatic flight control system parameter adjusting and integration method


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Example Embodiment

[0029] Example
[0030] Take the adjustment and integration of control law parameters of the pitch control mode as an example to illustrate the specific implementation.
[0031] Run through Matlab programming language command "sim" image 3 The simulation model shown, when the control law parameter K P , K I , K q When the value is set, the pitch angle response curve under the control law parameter can be obtained. According to the response curve, the corresponding performance index can be calculated, and the corresponding relationship between the control law parameters and the performance index can be found. Set the performance index as the objective optimization function, and establish the following total utility objective optimization function:
[0032] f ( K P , K I , K D ) = M σ 0.06 o r P m P m _ min t s + 0.15 ( 100 - P m ) o t h e r w i s e
[0033] Among them, M is a large constant value, t s To adjust the time, P m Is the phase angle margin of the control system, and σ is the overshoot. All performance indicators are performance indicators of pitch response. The function f(K P , K I , K D ) Is set as the fitness function of genetic algorithm, the control law parameter K P , K I , K D Corresponding to the individual space of the algorithm, the optimal control law parameter value can be found by running the genetic algorithm. After adjusting all the control law parameters, the relationship between the control law parameters of each state and the dynamic pressure is obtained by a polynomial fitting method to obtain an approximate function curve. And realized the integration of control law parameters. The control law parameter adjustment integration of other modes is similar.


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