Adjustable water pan

A water-receiving tray, adjustable technology, applied in defrosting, household appliances, household refrigeration devices, etc., can solve the problems of resonance, high noise, slow evaporation of condensed water, etc., to achieve the effect of increasing versatility

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Because there are many series of refrigerators, the selection of compressors of the same series of refrigerators is also different, and the installation height of the water tray cannot be adjusted. Therefore, the water tray of some refrigerators is far away from the compressor, and the water tray of some refrigerato...
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The invention discloses an adjustable water pan which comprises a container for containing water. The container is composed of side plates and a bottom disc. A pair of hanging lugs is arranged on one side plate and arranged on a rear plate of a refrigerator body through fasteners. The hanging lugs are vertically provided with two or more hanging lug mounting holes, and two or more rear plate holes are vertically formed in the lower portion of the rear plate. Through different combinations of the water pan and the rear plate holes of a refrigerator, the mounting height of the water pan can be adjusted within a certain range, and therefore it is guaranteed that the water pan is close to a compressor, and the optimal condensate water evaporating effect is achieved. Due to the fact that the mounting height of the water pan can be adjusted, the same water pan can be suitable for more types, and the universality of the water pan is increased.

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Lighting and heating apparatusDefrosting

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  • Adjustable water pan
  • Adjustable water pan


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Example Embodiment

[0013] The embodiments of the present invention will be described in detail below. Examples of the embodiments are shown in the accompanying drawings, wherein the same or similar reference numerals indicate the same or similar elements or elements with the same or similar functions. The embodiments described below with reference to the drawings are exemplary, and are only used to explain the present invention, but should not be understood as limiting the present invention.
[0014] See Figure 1-2 , The adjustable water receiving tray 1 of the present invention is set on the compressor 2 of the refrigerator. The water receiving tray includes a side plate and a bottom plate constitute a container for holding water. A pair of hanging ears 3 are provided on one side plate, and the hanging ears are installed on the rear plate 5 of the refrigerator box by fasteners. Two or more mounting ear mounting holes 4 are vertically provided, and two or more rear plate holes 6 are vertically provided at the lower part of the rear plate 5.
[0015] The hanging ear 3 is provided with three hanging ear mounting holes 4. The rear plate 5 is provided with two rear plate holes 6. The mounting ear mounting holes 4 are arranged equidistantly. The distance between two adjacent mounting ear mounting holes is greater than the distance between two adjacent rear plate holes.
[0016] Through the matching of three mounting ear mounting holes and two rear plate holes, six installation height adjustments can be realized, and the distance between two adjacent mounting ear mounting holes is greater than the distance between two adjacent rear plate holes. The plate hole plays the role of fine-tuning the installation height, making the installation position of the drip tray more scientific and reasonable.
[0017] The above disclosure is only specific embodiments of the present invention and does not constitute a limitation to the protection scope of the present invention. For those of ordinary skill in the technical field of the present invention, without departing from the overall concept of the present invention, according to the technical solution of the present invention Any changes and replacements made without creative labor should fall within the protection scope of the present invention.


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