Glass pipeline and magnetic selector connecting system for flour processing

A connection system and magnetic separator technology, applied in the direction of pipeline connection layout, pipe/pipe joint/pipe fitting, mechanical equipment, etc., can solve the problems of inconvenient raw material transportation and observation, poor wear resistance, etc., to increase wear resistance and reduce system cost, damage prevention effect

Inactive Publication Date: 2016-03-30
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Problems solved by technology

[0004] In order to overcome the deficiencies in the prior art, the purpose of the present invention is to provide a connection system between a glass pipeline for flour pr...
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Method used

As shown in Fig. 1, Fig. 2, Fig. 3, Fig. 4, the present invention is positioned at the angle iron 1 on the edge, is positioned at the square iron frame 3 of end and glass 2 forms glass pipe, and the angle iron 1 that adopts is convenient The purchased standard parts, four angle irons 1 siege quadrilateral, use four pieces of glass 2 to bond to the angle iron 1 to form the glass pipe wall, and the inner side of the square iron frame 3 at the end is welded on the angle iron 1, on the one hand Used to prevent the glass 2 from slipping out of the top, on the other hand, used as a connecting flange for multiple pipes. The bottom outlet of glass pipe is connected with magnetic separator 5, and for convenience glass pipe is connected with magnetic separator 5, the circular flange plate-4 of the bottom of glass pipe is designed into the shape of outer circl...
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The invention discloses a glass pipeline and magnetic selector connecting system for flour processing and relates to the field of flour processing. Angle iron at the arrises, square iron frames at the ends and glass form a glass pipeline; the glass pipeline is in screwed connection with a magnetic selector through a first round flange plate on the glass pipeline and a second round flange plate on the magnetic selector; the glass is glued to the four angle iron through glass glue; two sets of glass pipelines are fixedly connected through screws by means of the square iron frames; a magnetic separation core of the magnetic selector is connected to a shell through connecting rods. The glass pipeline and magnetic selector connecting system for flour processing is good in visibility, and an operator can visually observe conditions of substances in the pipelines, so that smooth operation of a technological process is guaranteed; the system cost is reduced; by means of glass pipeline and magnetic selector connection, metal in flour is advantageously screened out through the magnetic selector, and the metal is prevented from damaging equipment during processing.

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Pipe connection arrangements

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  • Glass pipeline and magnetic selector connecting system for flour processing
  • Glass pipeline and magnetic selector connecting system for flour processing
  • Glass pipeline and magnetic selector connecting system for flour processing


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Example Embodiment

[0017] Such as figure 1 , figure 2 , image 3 , Figure 4 As shown, the angle iron 1, the square iron frame 3 at the end, and the glass 2 of the present invention form a glass pipe. The angle iron 1 used is a standard part that is easy to buy. The four angle irons 1 are surrounded by a quadrilateral. Four pieces of glass 2 are bonded to the angle iron 1 to form the wall of the glass pipe. The inner side of the square iron frame 3 at the end is welded to the angle iron 1. On the one hand, it is used to prevent the glass 2 from sliding out of the top, and on the other hand, it is used For connecting flanges for multiple pipelines. The discharge port at the bottom of the glass pipe is connected with the magnetic separator 5. In order to facilitate the connection between the glass pipe and the magnetic separator 5, the circular flange 4 at the bottom of the glass pipe is designed to have an outer circle and an inner square shape. The glass has strong wear resistance and visibility. The pipe uses the angle iron 1 as the skeleton, which is firm and reliable, and is convenient to connect with the magnetic separator 5 and the outlet of other equipment.
[0018] Since large pieces of glass are easier to break, in order to reduce the risk of glass breakage, the pipeline is generally shorter. When long-distance transportation is required, such as figure 2 Multi-section connection shown to increase safety and reliability.
[0019] It should be noted that although the embodiment and the drawings of the specification only show the quadrilateral pipe structure composed of angle iron, the main idea of ​​the present invention is to replace the iron pipe with glass to enhance the wear resistance and visibility. The reason for using angle iron is only for cost and material selection considerations. The present invention not only covers the above-mentioned quadrilateral pipe structure, but can also be other structures, such as a triangular structure composed of a 60-degree angle iron with excellent stability, or other polygonal structures such as pentagons.
[0020] The magnetic separator 5 includes a housing, a circular flange plate 6 and a magnetic separation core 8, and the magnetic separation core 8 is connected to the housing by a connecting rod 7. When the material contains metal that can be absorbed by the magnet, the magnetic separator 5 can filter out the metal to prevent the metal from damaging the equipment in the processing process.


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