Gutta-percha heater for dental filling

A technology of heater and gutta-percha, which is applied in filling teeth, dentistry, and adding protective layers, can solve problems such as uneven heating, and achieve the effect of ensuring performance and uniformity

Active Publication Date: 2016-04-20
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[0003] In view of this, the present invention aims to propose a gutta-percha heater for fill...
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The invention provides a gutta-percha heater for dental filling. The gutta-percha heater comprises a base and a supporting seat, wherein both the base and the supporting seat are metal bases, a heating pipe is arranged in the base, a plurality of first heating holes are vertically formed in the base, and the first heating holes are blind holes; the bottom surface of the supporting seat is attached to the top surface of the base, second heating holes are formed in the supporting seat in one-to-one correspondence to the first heating holes, and the second heating holes protrude out of the top surface of the supporting seat. By arranging the heating pipe in the middle, uniformity of heat transfer is guaranteed by heating hot gutta-percha from the middle, and therefore temperature uniformity of hot gutta-percha is guaranteed to the maximum extent so that the usability of hot gutta-percha can be guaranteed.

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Teeth fillingTeeth capping

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Dental fillingsEngineering +6


  • Gutta-percha heater for dental filling
  • Gutta-percha heater for dental filling


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Example Embodiment

[0016] It should be noted that the embodiments of the present invention and the features in the embodiments can be combined with each other if there is no conflict.
[0017] In the description of the present invention, it should be understood that the terms "center", "longitudinal", "transverse", "upper", "lower", "front", "rear", "left", "right", " The orientation or positional relationship indicated by "vertical", "horizontal", "top", "bottom", "inner", "outer" etc. is based on the orientation or positional relationship shown in the drawings, and is only for the convenience of describing the present invention and The description is simplified, rather than indicating or implying that the pointed device or element must have a specific orientation, be constructed and operated in a specific orientation, and therefore cannot be understood as a limitation of the present invention. In addition, the terms "first", "second", etc. are only used for descriptive purposes, and cannot be understood as indicating or implying relative importance or implicitly indicating the number of indicated technical features. Therefore, the features defined with "first", "second", etc. may explicitly or implicitly include one or more of these features. In the description of the present invention, unless otherwise specified, "plurality" means two or more.
[0018] In the description of the present invention, it should be noted that the terms "installation", "connected" and "connected" should be understood in a broad sense, unless otherwise clearly specified and limited. For example, they can be fixed or detachable. Connected or integrally connected; it can be a mechanical connection or an electrical connection; it can be directly connected or indirectly connected through an intermediate medium, and it can be the internal communication between two components. For those of ordinary skill in the art, the specific meaning of the above-mentioned terms in the present invention can be understood through specific situations.
[0019] Hereinafter, the present invention will be described in detail with reference to the drawings and in conjunction with the embodiments.
[0020] Such as figure 1 , figure 2 As shown, a gutta-percha heater for fillings includes a base 1 and a supporting base 2. The base 1 and the supporting base 2 are metal bases respectively, and the top surface of the base 1 is provided with an annular groove 11, so The annular groove 11 is provided with a heating tube 3, and the annular groove 11 divides the base 1 into two heating zones, and each heating zone is provided with a plurality of first heating holes 12 vertically, so The first heating hole 12 is a blind hole, the support base 2 and the base 1 are fixedly connected, the bottom surface of the support base 2 and the top surface of the base 1 are tightly attached, and the support base 2 and a plurality of first heating holes 12 The second heating holes 22 are provided in one-to-one correspondence, and the second heating holes 22 penetrate the top surface of the support base 2.
[0021] The outer sides of the base 1 and the supporting base 2 are respectively provided with a thermal insulation layer 4.
[0022] The thermal insulation layer 4 is a rubber thermal insulation layer
[0023] The above descriptions are only preferred embodiments of the present invention and are not intended to limit the present invention. Any modification, equivalent replacement, improvement, etc. made within the spirit and principle of the present invention shall be included in the present invention. Within the scope of protection.


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