Anti-slippage drum ring structure

A technology to prevent slippage and drum loops, used in percussion instruments, instruments, musical instruments, etc., can solve the problems of drum skin falling off and affecting sound quality, and achieve the effect of increasing service life, preventing falling off, and facilitating replacement.

Inactive Publication Date: 2016-05-11
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[0002] At present, the traditional Konka drum hoop is to put the drum hoop on the Konka drum body and fix it through multiple fixing buckles on the drum body. However, ...
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The invention provides an anti-slippage drum ring structure. The anti-slippage drum ring structure comprises a drum ring body, wherein an extension of the drum ring body is fixedly provided with multiple fixed connection lugs, an inner wall of the drum ring body is movably connected with a loop of anti-slippage strips circumferentially, the anti-slippage strips are provided with zigzag-shaped anti-slippage projection ribs along the length direction, and the anti-slippage projection ribs are strip-shaped silica gel projections. Compared with the prior art, the anti-slippage drum ring structure is advantaged in that a technical problem of easy shedding of an aged covering leather because of lacking of friction of an inner layer of a traditional Kangjia drum ring can be solved, the inner wall of the drum ring body is movably connected with the anti-slippage strips, the covering leather can be effectively locked to prevent shedding, moreover, the anti-slippage strips and the inner wall of the drum ring are fixedly connected by employing a gluing mode, replacement can be conveniently carried out after long-term use, economic property and environmental protection are realized, and service life of the drum ring can be indirectly prolonged.

Application Domain

Percussion musical instruments

Technology Topic

EngineeringSilica gel


  • Anti-slippage drum ring structure
  • Anti-slippage drum ring structure


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Example Embodiment

[0014] It should be noted that, in the case of no conflict, the embodiments of the present invention and the features in the embodiments can be combined with each other.
[0015] In describing the present invention, it should be understood that the terms "center", "longitudinal", "transverse", "upper", "lower", "front", "rear", "left", "right", The orientations or positional relationships indicated by "vertical", "horizontal", "top", "bottom", "inner", "outer", etc. are based on the orientation or positional relationships shown in the drawings, and are only for the convenience of describing the present invention Creation and simplification of description, rather than indicating or implying that the device or element referred to must have a specific orientation, be constructed and operate in a specific orientation, and therefore should not be construed as limiting the invention. In addition, the terms "first", "second", etc. are used for descriptive purposes only, and should not be understood as indicating or implying relative importance or implicitly specifying the quantity of the indicated technical features. Thus, a feature defined as "first", "second", etc. may expressly or implicitly include one or more of that feature. In the description of the present invention, unless otherwise specified, "plurality" means two or more.
[0016] In the description of the present invention, it should be noted that unless otherwise specified and limited, the terms "installation", "connection" and "connection" should be interpreted in a broad sense, for example, it can be a fixed connection or a flexible connection. Detachable connection, or integral connection; it can be mechanical connection or electrical connection; it can be direct connection or indirect connection through an intermediary, and it can be the internal communication of two components. Those of ordinary skill in the art can understand the specific meanings of the above terms in the present invention based on specific situations.
[0017] The present invention will be described in detail below with reference to the accompanying drawings and examples.
[0018] Hoop structures that prevent slippage, such as figure 1 and 2 As shown, it is composed of a drum hoop main body 1, and a plurality of fixed connection ears 2 are fixed on the outer extension of the drum hoop main body 1, and a ring of anti-slip strips 3 is movably connected to the inner wall of the drum hoop main body 1 along the circumferential direction.
[0019] Preferably, the hoop main body 1 and the fixed connection ear 2 are a steel structure integrally formed by a stamping device.
[0020] In order to increase the frictional force between the drum ring and the drum body or the drum skin, the anti-slip strip 3 is fixed with a zigzag anti-slip raised edge 31 along the length direction, and the anti-slip raised edge 31 is a strip Shaped silica gel protrusions, wherein the height of the strip-shaped silica gel protrusions is 0.2-2mm.
[0021] Preferably, the anti-slip strip 3 is pasted on the inner wall of the main body of the drum hoop, and can be torn off and replaced with a new anti-slip strip in the case of a long usage time.
[0022] The above descriptions are only preferred embodiments of the present invention, and are not intended to limit the present invention. Any modifications, equivalent replacements, improvements, etc. made within the spirit and principles of the present invention shall be included in the scope of the present invention. within the scope of protection.


Height0.2 ~ 2.0mm

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