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Practice drumming pad

A practice drumming provides generally quieter, silent drumming practice for a drummer in combination with a realistic drumkit depiction for better visual cuing and development of muscle memory. The drum pad is constructed of shock absorbing material to dampen the impact of drumsticks and reduce the corresponding noise generated thereby. The drum pad has a non-skid bottom in order to hold it in place on any generally available surface. A realistic depiction of a drumkit or the like is provided on the top of the drum pad. This realistic depiction allows the student to concentrate on playing different drums thereby developing the thought processes necessary for dynamic drumming as well as the muscle memory involved for such dynamic drumming. A pair of drumsticks may accompany the drum pad of the present invention. Additionally, recording media such as an audio CD can provide melodic or rhythmic "grooves" that may be practiced by the student in order to achieve drumming facility. In an alternative embodiment, the drum pad of the present invention may be circular so that it may be placed, with its realistic depiction of a drumkit, upon a single snare drum. This alternative embodiment dampens the impact of drumsticks while allowing the student to practice upon a real drum. In a second alternative embodiment, a snare drum adapter may be used in conjunction with a square or rectangular drum pad to achieve generally the same effect.

Adjustable tripod stand

InactiveUS20050274854A1Versatility and stability in support systemPercussion musical instrumentsStands/trestlesEngineeringFastener
An adjustable tripod stand having independently adjustable legs includes an upright member for supporting an object, such as a drum, at its upper end. A pair of independently movable collar members are slidably mounted on the upright member and longitudinally adjustable relative to and past one another and to an upright portion for selective positioning thereon. A releasable fastener on the collars secures them to the upright member at selected positions. Three movable leg members are connected at their upper ends, two to one of the collar members and one to the other collar member. Movement of the collar members permits the stand to be erected in limited or confined areas. The stand preferably includes a leg extender member slidably mounted on the exterior one of the leg members, which is movable a selected distance permitting the stand to be positioned on different levels, such as stairs. An embodiment for supporting bass drums has a collar member fitting the upright member having four equally spaced radially extending lugs. Four legs are pivotally supported on the lugs and movable toward and away the upright member to provide a cradle for receiving and supporting a bass drum. Another embodiment for supporting a conga drum has three independently movable legs, two sets of collar members slidably mounted on the legs, a central pivot member for each set of collar members, and upper and lower leg extender members slidably positioned on the legs. Support plates on the upper ends of the upper leg extender members are movable therewith to an upper position defining a base for supporting a conga drum. When one of the lower leg extender members is extended a support is provided for the tripod on different levels.
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