Compound fertilizer for garlic sprouts

A technology of fertilizer and garlic seedlings, which is applied in the field of compound fertilizers for garlic seedlings, can solve the problems of high planting density and large amount of fertilizer absorption, and achieve the effect of simple proportioning and convenient use

Inactive Publication Date: 2016-06-08
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During the growth period of garlic seedling cultivation, less fertilizer is required, but ...
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The invention discloses a compound fertilizer for garlic sprouts, wherein the compound fertilizer used in each mu comprises the following components by weight: 400-500 kg of composted horse manure, 150-200 kg of composted human and livestock manure, 15-20 kg of a lime powder, 30-50 kg of potassium sulfate, 10-15 kg of urea, 15-30 kg of a liquorice powder, 30-50 kg of a seaweed powder, 20-30 kg of humus, and 20-40 kg of vermiculite. The ratio is simple, the use is convenient, and the compound fertilizer for the garlic sprouts can increase production and income. The yield is significantly increased in the premise of reduction of the amount.

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Fertilizer mixtures

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ChemistryLivestock manure +3


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Example Embodiment

[0009] Compound fertilizers are used for garlic seedlings. Among them, the proportion of the amount per mu is as follows:
[0010] 1. 500kg of decomposed horse manure, 200kg of decomposed human and livestock manure, 20kg of lime powder, 50kg of potassium sulfate, 15kg of urea, 30kg of licorice powder, 50kg of seaweed powder, 20-30kg of humus, 20-40kg of vermiculite.
[0011] 2. 400kg decomposed horse manure, 150kg decomposed human and livestock manure, 15kg lime powder, 30kg potassium sulfate, 10kg urea, 15kg licorice powder, 30kg seaweed powder, 20kg humus, 20kg vermiculite.
[0012] 3. 450kg of decomposed horse manure, 180kg of decomposed human and livestock manure, 18kg of lime powder, 40kg of potassium sulfate, 12kg of urea, 25kg of licorice powder, 40kg of seaweed powder, 25kg of humus and 30kg of vermiculite.
[0013] The effect of the present invention is compared with that of traditional chemical fertilizer or compound fertilizer. Assuming that the effective base of traditional fertilizer is 1, the comparison of other groups is as follows
[0014] Group Growth Yield Dosage this invention 1.2-1.3 1.3-1.4 0.8-0.9 Traditional fertilizer 1 1 1 Traditional compound fertilizer 1.1-1.15 1.1-1.2 0.8-0.9


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