Workpiece of air condition compressor

A technology for air-conditioning compressors and workpieces, which is applied to liquid variable-capacity machinery, pump components, mechanical equipment, etc., can solve the problems of insufficient outer surface flatness and rough processing, and achieve good outer surface flatness, high processing efficiency, and high processing efficiency. Good assembly performance

Inactive Publication Date: 2016-06-15
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[0002] At present, in the field of mold processing technology, molded workpieces are designed according to product processing. Most of the existing workpie...
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The invention relates to a workpiece of an air condition compressor. The workpiece comprises die holders (1); at least two bumps (2) are formed at the upper end of each die holder (1); U-shaped grooves (3) are formed in the bumps (2); a through column (4) is extended in the U-shaped grooves (3); one ends of the die holders (1) are provided with protruding parts (5); the protruding parts (5) are 0.1-0.3 cm higher than the horizontal plane of the die holders (1) and are connected with the bumps (2); spacing among the die holders (1) is 2-4 cm; and the bumps (2) are integrally formed with the die holders (1). After the whole workpiece is drilled through a jig, the workpiece provided by the invention is complete in overall structure, simple and reasonable in design structure, good in external surface flatness, excellent in assembly performance, high in processing efficiency, and reduced in production cost.

Application Domain

Positive displacement pump componentsFoundry moulds +3

Technology Topic

Mechanical engineeringSurface flatness


  • Workpiece of air condition compressor


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Example Embodiment

[0010] like figure 1 As shown, a workpiece of an air-conditioning compressor includes a die base 1, the upper end of the die base 1 is provided with at least two convex portions 2, and the convex portion 2 is provided with a U-shaped groove 3, and the U-shaped A through column 4 extends in the groove 3, one end of the die base 1 is provided with a protruding part 5, the protruding part 5 is 0.1-0.3 cm higher than the horizontal plane of the die base 1, and the protruding part 5 is connected with the convex part 2, The distance between the mold bases 1 is 2-4 cm, and the convex portion 2 and the mold base 1 are integrally formed.
[0011] A rectangular opening 6 is provided in the middle of the die base 1 , and a circular protrusion 5 - 1 is provided between the openings 6 .
[0012] The height of the protruding portion 2 is higher than that of the protruding portion 5 , and the lower end of the protruding portion 5 is provided with a mounting hole 7 .


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