Magnetic mud separator

A technology of separator and magnetic mud, which is applied in the field of cooling liquid purification, can solve the problems of low quick recording of fine purification, and achieve the effect of high work efficiency and convenient operation

Inactive Publication Date: 2017-01-04
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[0002] At present, in the process of purifying the coolant of wire cutting machines, most of them use fine purifiers. Th...
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The invention discloses a magnetic mud separator. The magnetic mud separator comprises a base, a maneuvering box, a control box, a separation box, an air pump, a motor bracket, a motor, a liquid pump, a water inlet pipe, a guide pipe, a transformer, an intelligent processor, a switch, a mud outlet hole, a center shaft, a spiral blade, a spiral pipe, a water outlet, an airflow controller and an air pressure meter; the maneuvering box is fixed at the upper end of a bracket through a screw; the control box is fixed on one side of the maneuvering box through a screw; the separation box is fixed at the back part of the maneuvering box through a screw; the air pump is fixed on the maneuvering box through a screw; the intelligent processor is fixed in the control box through a screw; the mud outlet hole is fixed on the separation box through welding; the center shaft is fixedly linked on the motor through one end of the screw; the airflow controller is fixed on the maneuvering box through a screw; and the air pressure meter is fixed on the airflow controller through a screw. The magnetic mud separator has the advantages of convenience for operation and high working efficiency.

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  • Magnetic mud separator
  • Magnetic mud separator


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Example Embodiment

[0015] like Figure 1-Figure 4 As shown, the present invention discloses a magnetic mud separator, comprising: base 1, motorized box 2, control box 3, separation box 4, air pump 5, motor bracket 21, motor 22, liquid pump 23, water inlet pipe 24, guide Flow pipe 25, transformer 31, intelligent processor 32, switch 33, mud outlet 41, central shaft 42, spiral blade 43, spiral pipe 44, water outlet 45, airflow controller 51, air pressure gauge 52, described motorized box 2 is fixed on the upper end of the bracket 1 by screws, the control box 3 is fixed on the side of the motorized box 2 by screws, the separation box 4 is fixed on the back of the motorized box 3 by screws, and the air pump 5 is fixed on the motorized box by screws On the box 2, the motor bracket 21 is fixed in the motor box 2 by welding, the motor 22 is fixed on the motor bracket 21, and the liquid pump 23 is fixed in the motor box 2 by screws. The water pipe 24 is fixed on the liquid pump 23 by welding, the guide pipe 25 is fixed on the upper end of the liquid pump 23 by welding and the other end leads into the separation box 4, the transformer 31 is fixed in the control box 3 by screws, and the The intelligent processor 32 is fixed in the control box 3 by screws, the switch 33 is fixed in the control box 3 by screws, the mud outlet 41 is fixed on the separation box 4 by welding, and the central axis 42 passes through One end of the screw is fixedly linked to the motor 22, the helical blade 43 is fixed on the central shaft 42 by welding, the helical tube 44 is a cylindrical cavity structure welded inside the separation box 4, and the water outlet 45 is welded Fixed outside the separation box 4, the airflow controller 51 is fixed on the motorized box 2 by screws, and the air pressure gauge 52 is fixed on the airflow controller 51 by screws.
[0016] The base 1 is welded from steel.
[0017] The motorized box 2, the control box 3, and the separation box 4 are all cuboid box structures.
[0018] The present invention is implemented in this way: after the voltage is converted into a control voltage by a transformer 31, it is passed into an intelligent processor 32, and the intelligent processor 32 controls each switch 33, and each switch 33 controls corresponding electrical appliances to energize each part, when the liquid pump 23 After power on, the coolant in the wire cutting machine is sucked into the separation box for precipitation. When the motor 22 is powered on, the screw blade 43 is driven to push the magnetic mud settled in the separation box 4 out of the separation box 4. When the air pump 5 is powered on, it is controlled by the air flow. The device 51 guides the air flow into the separation box 4, and increases the air pressure of the separation box 4 so that the imported cooling liquid is blown out quickly due to the air pressure difference.
[0019] Finally, it should be noted that: the above embodiments are only used to illustrate the present invention rather than limit the technical solutions described in the present invention; Those of ordinary skill in the art should understand that the present invention can still be modified or equivalently replaced; and all technical solutions and improvements that do not depart from the spirit and scope of the present invention should be covered by the claims of the present invention.


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