A cutting machine and body technology, applied in the direction of shearing devices, metal processing equipment, manufacturing tools, etc., can solve problems such as blockage, thin wire breakage, bullet wounding, etc., to facilitate installation and use, improve cutting accuracy, and improve safety performance effect

Inactive Publication Date: 2017-05-24
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This kind of cutting machine can automatically stop cutting when it reaches the cutting line position to improve cutting accuracy, but this invention has the following problems: 1. When the cutting piece of the cutting ma...
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The invention belongs to the field of cutting mechanical devices, and specifically discloses a cutter which comprises a cutter body, a first bracket and a second bracket, wherein a control box is arranged on the first bracket; a switch is arranged in the control box; the switch is in series connected with the cutter body; a paraffin plate is arranged between the first bracket and the second bracket; a cavity is formed in the second bracket; one end of the paraffin plate extends into the cavity; the other end of the paraffin plate is equipped with a metal sleeve; the metal sleeve is rotatably connected with a rotary cover; the rotary cover is rotatably connected with a hollow shaft sleeve; the hollow shaft sleeve is fixedly connected on the control box; a through hole is formed in the paraffin plate; the metal plate sleeve, the rotary cover and the hollow shaft sleeve penetrate through the through hole; an insulated wire is arranged in the through hole; one end of the insulated wire is fixedly connected on the second bracket; and the other end of the insulated wire is connected with the switch. According to the scheme adopted by the invention, the invention provides the cutter which has a safe function, and does not affect normal use of workpieces.

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Shearing machine accessories

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Paraffin oilsMechanical devices +2


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Example Embodiment

[0015] The present invention will be further described in detail below through specific implementations:
[0016] The reference signs in the drawings of the specification include: cutting machine body 1, control box 2, paraffin plate 3, metal sleeve 4, rotating cover 5, hook 6, connecting rod 7, spring 8, first bracket 9, second bracket 10 , Hollow sleeve 11, negative contact point 12, positive contact point 13.
[0017] The embodiment is basically as attached figure 1 Shown: a cutting machine includes a cutting machine body 1, a first support 9, and a second support 10. The first support 9 is provided with a control box 2, the cutting machine body 1 has a cutting blade, and the control box 2 is provided with a switch , The switch is connected in series with the cutting machine body 1, the paraffin plate 3 is provided between the first bracket 9 and the second bracket 10, the second bracket 10 is provided with a cavity, the left end of the paraffin plate 3 extends into the cavity, and the right end of the paraffin plate 3 is provided There is a metal sleeve 4, which is rotatably connected to the rotating cover 5, and the rotating cover 5 is rotatably connected to a hollow shaft sleeve 11, and the hollow shaft sleeve 11 is fixedly connected to the control box 2. The paraffin plate 3 is provided with a through hole which penetrates the metal sleeve 4. The rotating cover 5 and the hollow shaft sleeve, and on the same axis, are provided with insulated wires in the through holes, the insulated wires are made of rubber material, the left end of the insulated wires are fixedly connected to the second bracket 10, the right end of the insulated wires and the hook 6 connection.
[0018] In the specific implementation of this scheme, when using the insulated wire, the switch is tightened tightly, the switch is closed and energized, the paraffin plate 3 is placed at the cutting line of the workpiece, and the cutting machine is started for cutting. When the cutting piece of the cutting machine reaches the cutting line, The cutting piece first cuts the upper part of the paraffin wax board 3, and then cuts off the insulated wire. The switch is bounced back under the action of the instantaneous breaking of the insulated wire and the elastic force of the spring 8, the circuit is disconnected, and the cutting machine stops working. At this time, the bottom of the paraffin wax board 3 Due to the downward cutting action of the cutting machine and the heat generated during cutting, the paraffin board 3 softens, melts and breaks. The paraffin board 3 is cut into two sections, and the cut insulation wire is left in the paraffin board 3 without The ejection accidentally injures the staff, and at the same time, it also avoids the cut insulated wire from being stuffed into the workpiece seam, thereby improving the safety performance of the cutting machine during use.
[0019] After melting, the paraffin board 3 has cohesiveness. The broken paraffin board 3 can be re-bonded for use. Since the cut end of the paraffin board 3 is melted, there will be a gap when the two sections of paraffin board 3 are re-bonded, and the length after bonding is longer. The length before cutting is short; connect the broken paraffin plate 3, one section of the paraffin plate 3 is connected to the metal sleeve 4, screw out the rotating cover 5, the rotating cover 5 is away from the metal sleeve 4 and has a certain distance from the metal sleeve 4, making the connection The connection length of the paraffin plate 3 on the metal sleeve 4 is extended, so that the length of the paraffin plate 3 after re-bonding is equal to the length of the entire paraffin plate 3 before cutting, because the distance between the second bracket 10 and the hook 6 is fixed. Therefore, the connection length of the insulated wire has not changed, which is convenient for the installation and use of the insulated wire. According to the above operation, continue to cut the workpiece.
[0020] What has been described above is only an embodiment of the present invention, and common knowledge such as specific structures and characteristics that are well-known in the solution are not described here. It should be pointed out that for those skilled in the art, without departing from the structure of the present invention, several modifications and improvements can be made. These should also be regarded as the protection scope of the present invention, and these will not affect the implementation of the present invention. Effectiveness and utility of patents. The scope of protection claimed in this application shall be subject to the content of the claims, and the specific implementation modes in the description can be used to interpret the content of the claims.


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