Low-resilience competitive gymnastic floor mat inner lining

A competitive gymnastics and low-rebound technology, which is applied in the field of low-rebound competitive gymnastics floor mat inner tubes, can solve the problems that the use performance of the floor mat needs to be improved, only pay attention to the floor mat, and ignore the actual use effect of the athlete's landing stability, etc. The effect of improving the quality of action completion, reducing the rebound height and simple structure

Inactive Publication Date: 2018-04-06
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[0003] At present, although floor mats certified by the International Sports Federation are mostly used in domestic and foreign gymnastics events or training, for a long time the manufacturers of competitive gymnastics floor mats often only pay attention to whether the impact ...
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The invention relates to sport equipment, and in particular discloses a low-resilience competitive gymnastic floor mat inner lining. The low-resilience competitive gymnastic floor mat inner lining isformed by combination of a plurality of buffer layers and is characterized in that the floor mat inner lining includes a buffer layer A, a buffer layer B, a buffer layer C, a buffer layer D, a bufferlayer E and a buffer layer F from top to bottom, wherein the buffer layer A, the buffer layer C and the buffer layer E are all cross-linked polyethylene foam materials, and the buffer layer B, the buffer layer D and the buffer layer F are all soft polyurethane foam materials. The inner lining has the advantages of simple structure and convenience for processing and assembling, the drop hammer impact performance meets the requirements of standards of International Federation of Gymnastics, and the buffer layers can effectively reduce the rebound height of the floor mat, and thus is beneficial to smooth landing of athletes and improvement of the action completion quality.

Application Domain

Synthetic resin layered productsShock absorber mats

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Cross-linked polyethylenesports equipment +4


  • Low-resilience competitive gymnastic floor mat inner lining


  • Experimental program(1)

Example Embodiment

[0019] Unless otherwise specified, the terms used herein have the meanings commonly understood by those skilled in the art. In order to facilitate the understanding of the present invention, some terms used herein are defined as follows.
[0020] All numerical designations such as density, thickness, spring rate, including ranges, are approximate. It is to be understood that all numerical designations are preceded by the term "about", although not always expressly stated. It is also to be understood that, although not always explicitly stated, the foamed materials described herein are merely examples and equivalents thereof are known in the art.
[0021] The present invention will be further described below in conjunction with the accompanying drawings and embodiments.
[0022] figure 1 The gymnastics floor mat inner tube shown is composed of buffer layer A1, buffer layer B2, buffer layer C3, buffer layer D4, buffer layer E5 and buffer layer F6 from top to bottom, among which, buffer layer A1, buffer layer C3, The buffer layer E5 is all cross-linked polyethylene foam material, and the buffer layer B2, the buffer layer D4, and the buffer layer F6 are all soft polyurethane foam materials.
[0023] The buffer layer A1 has a density of 48kg/m 3 , a cross-linked polyethylene foam material with a thickness of 30mm; the buffer layer B2 is a density of 40kg/m 3 , a soft polyurethane foam material with a rebound rate of 8% and a thickness of 48mm; the buffer layer C3 is a density of 57kg/m 3 , a cross-linked polyethylene foam material with a thickness of 22mm; the buffer layer D4 is a density of 22kg/m 3 , the resilience rate is 52%, and the thickness is 42mm of soft polyurethane foam; the buffer layer E5 is a density of 57kg/m 3 , a cross-linked polyethylene foam material with a thickness of 10mm; the buffer layer F6 is a density of 21kg/m 3 , a soft polyurethane foam material with a rebound rate of 52% and a thickness of 46mm.
[0024] The drop-weight impact performance of the embodiment of the present invention meets the requirements of the International Federation of Sports, wherein the rebound height is 23 mm.
[0025] The above descriptions are only preferred embodiments of the present invention, and are not intended to limit the present invention. Any modification, equivalent replacement, improvement, etc. made within the spirit and principle of the present invention shall be included in the scope of the present invention. within the scope of protection.


Thickness25.0 ~ 35.0mm
Density40.0 ~ 60.0kg/m³
Average density40.0 ~ 60.0kg/m³

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