Photopolymer treatment-free CTP plate washing device

A technology of photopolymer and water washing device, which is applied in the direction of cleaning methods, cleaning methods and utensils using liquids, and cleaning methods using tools, etc., can solve the problems of wasting water resources, poor cleaning effect, etc. Effect

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[0004] In view of this, what this application is to solve is the technical problem of p...
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Method used

Preferably, purification device comprises purification box 13, and purification box 13 is a hollow structure, and one side of purification box 13 is fixedly installed with filter screen 14, and the other side of purification box 13 is fixedly installed with mesh connecting plate, and mesh Several spherical activated carbons 16 are clamped on the surface of the connecti...
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The invention discloses a photopolymer treatment-free CTP plate washing device. The photopolymer treatment-free CTP plate washing device comprises a case, wherein the top end of the case is fixedly connected with a motor; two roll brushes are symmetrically arranged in the case; a feeding opening and a discharging opening are separately formed in two sides of the case; a drying machine is fixedly mounted on the other side of the case; a water outlet is formed in the bottom of one side of the case; a water tank is fixedly mounted at the position, which corresponds to the water outlet, of the bottom of one side of the case; a purifying device is mounted in the water tank; and a water pump is arranged at the top end of the water tank. According to the scheme, by the motor, the roll brushes anda sprayer, a thermosensitive CTP plate can be cleaned secondarily, and the optimal cleaning effect is achieved; by arrangement of the water tank and the purifying device arranged in the water tank, sewage can be purified and reused, and water resources are saved; and by arrangement of the drying machine, the cleaned CTP plates can be dried, and follow-up processing is facilitated.

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Cleaning using toolsCleaning using liquids

Technology Topic

Computer caseSewage +6


  • Photopolymer treatment-free CTP plate washing device
  • Photopolymer treatment-free CTP plate washing device
  • Photopolymer treatment-free CTP plate washing device


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Example Embodiment

[0021] The implementation of this application will be described in detail below with the accompanying drawings and embodiments, so as to fully understand and implement the implementation process of how this application uses technical means to solve technical problems and achieve technical effects.
[0022] Such as Figure 1-3 As shown, a photopolymer processing-free CTP plate water washing device of the present invention includes a chassis 1, a motor 2 is fixedly connected to the top of the chassis 1, and two roller brushes 3 are symmetrically provided inside the chassis 1. One end is movably connected with the rolling bearing on the inner wall of the case 1, and the other ends of the two roller brushes 3 pass through the wall of the case 1 and are connected to the output shaft of the motor 2 through a conveyor belt. Both sides of the case 1 are respectively provided with a feed inlet 4 and an outlet The feed port 5, and the gap between the feed port 4 and the discharge port 5 and the two roller brushes 3 are on the same horizontal line. The top of the discharge port 5 is provided with a dryer 10 fixedly connected to the side wall of the chassis 1 , The bottom of the case 1 is provided with a water outlet 6, the bottom of the case 1 and the corresponding position of the water outlet 6 are fixedly installed with a water tank 7, and a purification device is installed in the water tank 7, and a water pump 8 is installed on the top of the water tank 7. 8 is fixedly connected to one side of the case 1, the water outlet of the water tank 7 and the water inlet of the water pump 8 are connected by a water pipe. The top of the case 1 is provided with a water pipe, and a nozzle 9 is installed on the water pipe, and one end of the water pipe passes through the case 1 and the water pump 8 is connected to the water outlet, the bottom end of the chassis 1 is fixedly connected with a supporting foot 12, the surface of the supporting foot 12 is installed with a control panel 15, and the control panel 15 is installed with a motor switch, a water pump switch and a dryer switch, a motor 2, a water pump 8 The dryer 10 and the dryer 10 are respectively electrically connected to an external power source through a motor switch, a water pump switch, and a dryer switch.
[0023] Preferably, the purification device includes a purification box 13, which has a hollow structure. One side of the purification box 13 is fixedly installed with a filter net 14, and the other side of the purification box 13 is fixedly installed with a mesh connecting plate. The surface of the mesh connecting plate A number of spherical activated carbons 16 are attached to the card to facilitate the reuse of water resources and achieve the effect of saving water.
[0024] Preferably, a triangular plate 11 is provided at the bottom inside the cabinet 1 to facilitate the discharge of sewage.
[0025] Preferably, a sealing gasket is provided at the junction of the water tank 7 and the water outlet 6 to seal the water outlet 6 and the water inlet of the water tank 7.
[0026] Preferably, a universal wheel is installed at the bottom end of the support foot 12 to facilitate the movement and fixation of the device.
[0027] In specific work, the photopolymer processing-free CTP plate material washing device in this application, when the CTP plate material is washed, the CTP plate material enters from the feed port 4, passes between the two roller brushes 3, and then exits The material port 5 is connected to the subsequent processing device. The motor switch, the water pump switch and the dryer switch are turned on on the surface of the control panel 15. The motor 2 drives the two roller brushes 3 to clean the CTP plate, and the water pump 8 removes the water in the water tank 7. The clean water is drawn into the water pipe inside the case 1, and then sprayed from the nozzle 9 on the surface of the water pipe to spray the CTP plate. The nozzle near the feed port 4 can wet the CTP plate and wash it for the first time, which is convenient for roller brushing 3 For the scrubbing of CTP plates, the nozzle 9 near the discharge port 5 can flush the garbage scrubbed by the roller brush 3 to further improve the cleaning effect. The scrubbed sewage enters the water tank 7 through the outlet 6 and is purified by the purification device Then it is pumped by the water pump 8 into the water pipe inside the cabinet 1, and the CTP plate is cleaned through the nozzle 9 to realize the recycling of water.
[0028] For example, certain words are used in the description and claims to refer to specific components. Those skilled in the art should understand that hardware manufacturers may use different terms to refer to the same component. This specification and claims do not use differences in names as a way to distinguish components, but use differences in functions of components as a criterion. If the "include" mentioned in the entire specification and claims is an open term, it should be interpreted as "include but not limited to". "Approximately" means that within the acceptable error range, those skilled in the art can solve the technical problem within a certain error range, and basically achieve the technical effect. In addition, the term "coupled" herein includes any direct and indirect electrical coupling means. Therefore, if it is described that a first device is coupled to a second device, it means that the first device can be directly electrically coupled to the second device, or indirectly electrically coupled through other devices or coupling means Connected to the second device. The subsequent description of the specification is a preferred embodiment for implementing the application, but the description is for the purpose of explaining the general principles of the application and is not intended to limit the scope of the application. The protection scope of this application shall be subject to those defined by the appended claims.
[0029] It should also be noted that the terms "include", "include" or any other variants thereof are intended to cover non-exclusive inclusion, so that a commodity or system including a series of elements not only includes those elements, but also includes Other elements of, or also include elements inherent to this commodity or system. If there are no more restrictions, the element defined by the sentence "including a..." does not exclude the existence of other identical elements in the commodity or system that includes the element.
[0030] The above description shows and describes several preferred embodiments of the present invention, but as mentioned above, it should be understood that the present invention is not limited to the form disclosed herein, and should not be regarded as the exclusion of other embodiments, but can be applied to various embodiments. Other combinations, modifications, and environments can be modified through the above teachings or technology or knowledge in related fields within the scope of the inventive concept described herein. However, modifications and changes made by those skilled in the art do not depart from the spirit and scope of the present invention, and should fall within the protection scope of the appended claims of the present invention.


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