Machine room inspection robot

An inspection robot and robot technology, applied in the field of robots, can solve the problems of easy collision with cabinets, small monitoring range, inflexibility, etc., to avoid damage and increase the monitoring range.

Pending Publication Date: 2020-05-08
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Problems solved by technology

[0003] In order to ensure the normal operation of the business, it is necessary to monitor the physical environment and equipment status in the computer room, such as the temperature in the computer room, the signal status light of the equipment, the operation status light of the equipment, etc. If the above targets are not monitored in time, once a problem occurs It is easy to cause losses. The existing computer room inspection is usually completed by the computer room walking inspection robot. It is found in use that because it can on...
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Provided is a machine room inspection robot, comprising a robot body, propellers, supporting rods, a top protection plate, a protection ring, elastic pieces, a control part, distance sensors, connecting rods, walking wheels and rotating shafts. The robot body is an unmanned aerial vehicle of a circular structure when overlooked. Propellers are respectively arranged on two sides of the top of the robot body. A supporting rod is arranged at the top of the robot body. A top protection plate is arranged at the tops of the supporting rods. A protective ring is arranged on the periphery of the robotbody. The protection ring is connected with the robot body through an elastic piece, a distance sensor is arranged on the periphery of the top of the robot body, a control part is arranged in the robot body, the distance sensor is electrically connected with the control part through a cable, connecting rods are symmetrically arranged at the bottom of the robot body relative to the center line, and walking wheels are arranged at the bottom ends of the connecting rods. The robot has the advantages that the inspection mode that a traditional inspection robot can only shuttle and walk on the ground for inspection is changed, the moving range of the robot is not limited by ground obstacles, and certain flexibility is achieved.

Application Domain

Position/course control in three dimensions

Technology Topic

Distance sensorsEngineering +4


  • Machine room inspection robot
  • Machine room inspection robot
  • Machine room inspection robot


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Example Embodiment

[0016] The present invention will be further explained below with reference to the drawings: the present invention is a machine room inspection robot, which includes a robot body 1, a propeller 2, a support rod 3, a top guard plate 4, a guard ring 5, a shrapnel 6, and a control unit 7. , Distance sensor 8, connecting rod 9, walking wheel 10, rotating shaft 11, the robot body 1 is an unmanned aerial vehicle with a circular structure when viewed from above, and propellers 2 are respectively provided on both sides of the top of the robot body 1. 1 The top of the support rod 3 is provided with a top protection plate 4, and the outer circumference of the robot body 1 is provided with a protection ring 5, and the protection ring 5 is connected with the robot body 1 through an elastic piece 6. The robot body 1 is provided with a distance sensor 8 on the outer periphery of the top of the robot body 1. The number of the distance sensors 8 is 4, and the 4 distance sensors 8 are equally spaced on the robot body 1. The robot body 1 is provided with a control unit 7. The control part 7 is preset with the flight trajectory programming of the robot body 1, the distance sensor 8 and the control part 7 are electrically connected through a cable, and the bottom of the robot body 1 is provided with a connecting rod 9 symmetrically with respect to the center line. The rod 9 is rotatably connected with the robot body 1 through a rotating shaft 11, and a walking wheel 10 is provided at the bottom of the connecting rod 9.
[0017] Further, the height of the support rod 3 is greater than twice the height of the propeller 2.
[0018] Further, the number of the support rods 3 is N, N≥3, and the N support rods 3 are arranged at equal intervals.
[0019] Furthermore, the protective top plate 4 is made of plastic.
[0020] Further, the elastic sheet 6 has an M-shaped bending structure.
[0021] Further, the elastic sheet 6 is made of stainless steel sheet.
[0022] Further, a damper 12 is installed on the rotating shaft 11.
[0023] Working principle: The control part 7 of the drone body 1 is preset with a flight trajectory. When it leaves the ground to a suitable height after flying, the top protective plate 4 on the top of the propeller 2 protects the rotating propeller 2 while avoiding work Personnel accidentally touched the propeller 2 of the drone while walking in the computer room, causing injury, and the protective ring 5 and shrapnel 6 were set so that after the drone collided with the cabinet during flight, the protective ring 5 first touched the cabinet. The shrapnel 6 buffer has a certain protective effect on the main body 1 of the drone, and avoids damage to the drone. The invention changes the patrol inspection mode in which the traditional patrol robot can only shuttle and walk on the ground for patrol inspection, enlarges the monitoring range, makes its moving range not restricted by ground obstacles, and has certain flexibility.
[0024] The above are only the preferred embodiments of the present invention. It should be pointed out that for those of ordinary skill in the art, without departing from the principle of the present invention, several improvements can be made, and these improvements should also be considered This is the protection scope of the present invention.


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