Power strip capable of reducing copper sheet loss

A technology of copper sheets and sockets, applied in the parts, electrical components, coupling devices of connecting devices, etc., can solve the problems of copper sheet wear, metal fatigue, poor contact, etc. simple effect

Active Publication Date: 2021-01-01
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[0003] Existing plug-in strips generally have a fixed copper sheet insertion structure. In daily use, the plug repeatedly pulls and inserts the copper sheet, which is easy to cause c...
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The invention discloses a power strip capable of reducing copper sheet loss, and the power strip comprises a top cover, jacks, a top cover wire inlet hole, a pedestal, a pedestal wire inlet hole, a limiting adjustment hole, a central support, a live wire copper sheet, a live wire contact sheet, a reciprocating limiting device, a zero line copper sheet, a zero line contact sheet, a branching support platform, a branching pressing sheet, and a compression fixing wire. A plurality of insertion holes are formed in the top surface of the top cover at equal intervals; The top cover wire inlet hole is formed in the center of the lower portion of the front face of the top cover, the base wire inlet hole is formed in the center of the upper portion of the front face of the base, the limiting adjusting hole is formed in the back face of the base, and the center support is fixedly connected to the center of the interior of the base. The power strip disclosed by the invention is simple in structure and reasonable in design. By using the movable reciprocating limiting device, the zero line contact sheet is connected with the plug according to needs, thereby changing a conventional fixed coppersheet contact structure, reducing the loss of the copper sheet, and prolonging the service life of the power strip.

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  • Power strip capable of reducing copper sheet loss
  • Power strip capable of reducing copper sheet loss
  • Power strip capable of reducing copper sheet loss


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[0014]The present invention will be further elaborated below in conjunction with the drawings and specific embodiments.
[0015]Such asFigure 1-3As shown, a plug-in strip that reduces copper loss includes top cover 1, jack 2, top cover inlet hole 3, base 4, base inlet hole 5, limit adjustment hole 6, center bracket 7, live wire copper Sheet 8, live line contact sheet 9, reciprocating limit device 10, zero line copper sheet 11, zero line contact sheet 12, branch line support table 13, branch line press plate 14, compression fixing wire 15, the top cover 1 A plurality of jacks 2 are equidistantly opened on the surface. The top cover inlet hole 3 is opened at the center of the lower front of the top cover 1, and the base 4 has a base inlet hole 5 at the center of the upper front face. The limit adjustment The hole 6 is opened on the back of the base 4, the center bracket 7 is fixedly connected to the inner center of the base, and a plurality of the live wire copper sheets 8 are equidistantly connected in parallel on the left side of the center bracket 7 and the inner right side of the base 4. The live wire contact piece 9 is fixedly connected to the top of the live wire copper sheet 8, the reciprocating limiting device 10 is installed inside the base 4, a plurality of the zero wire copper sheets 11 are installed on the top of the reciprocating limiting device 10 at an equal distance, and the neutral wire contact sheet 12 It is fixedly connected to the top end of the zero-line copper sheet 11, the branch line support platform 13 is fixedly connected to the front end of the central support 7, and the branch line press plate 14 is bolted to the top of the branch line support platform 13 by two compression fixing wires 15.
[0016]The reciprocating limit device 10 includes a movable bracket 16, a neutral line connector 17, and a reciprocating switch 18. The top ends of the movable bracket 16 are respectively fixedly connected with a plurality of neutral line connectors 17 at equal intervals, and the reciprocating switch 18 is fixed. Connected to the end of the movable bracket 16.
[0017]The reciprocating switch 18 includes a fixed base 19, a connecting cylinder 20, a movable valve 21, a baffle 22, a reciprocating spring 23, and a spring fixing rod 24. A connecting cylinder 20 is fixedly connected to the top left of the fixed base 19, and the movable valve 21 is installed on the right side of the connecting cylinder 20, the baffle 22 is fixedly connected to the back of the movable valve 21, the two reciprocating springs 23 are installed on the left side of the fixed base 19, and the two spring fixing rods 24 are fixedly connected to the base 4 Surface, and install two reciprocating springs 23 inside.
[0018]The working principle of the present invention: The present invention mainly realizes the closing and disconnection of the energized circuit through the reciprocating limit device. When not in use, the zero-line copper sheets on the movable support are contracted on the left side due to the reciprocating switch. When the reciprocating switch is pulled down, the reciprocating switch moves to the right by the return action of the spring, and drives the zero wire copper pieces on the movable bracket to contact the plug, and finally forms a closed power supply with the live wire copper pieces. Complete the purpose of use.
[0019]The above are the preferred embodiments of the present invention. For those of ordinary skill in the art, according to the teachings of the present invention, changes, modifications, and modifications made to the embodiments without departing from the principle and spirit of the present invention Alternatives and modifications still fall within the protection scope of the present invention.


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