Roller drying assembly line for peppers

An assembly line and roller technology, applied in applications, food processing, food science, etc., can solve the problems of shriveled and bent millet peppers, affecting integrity, etc., and achieve the effect of preventing falling and jamming

Active Publication Date: 2021-05-25
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Problems solved by technology

[0006] In order to solve the above-mentioned technology, millet pepper will be shriveled and bent during the drying process, and its ends are relatively small. During the bending process, it will be stu...
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The present invention discloses a roller drying assembly line for peppers. The roller drying assembly line structurally comprises a bottom control box, a drying box, a control box, curtain cloth and a roller chain, the roller chain is installed in the bottom control box and movably connected with the bottom control box, the drying box is installed at the top of the bottom control box, the control box is fixed to the top of the drying box, and the curtain cloth is fixed to the outer surface of the drying box; the bent capsicum frutescens can be easily clamped into the hollow opening of the hollow chain, the top block of the roller can stretch out along the through opening to play a role in wrapping external force, the pulling strip assists in pulling, the body can be better pushed by an external abutting object through the hard force of the pulling strip, the drying opening in the bottom of the capsicum frutescens can be continuously ejected out when the capsicum frutescens is dried, so that the capsicum frutescens are prevented from falling into the drying opening, the notch is always kept in a transparent state, the bottom of the capsicum frutescens is continuously kept in a through opening, the main plate can rotate and swing along the rotating body as a whole, and the partition strips can push the through opening edge of the main plate when the whole main plate is stressed and the capsicum frutescens are dried, so that the capsicum frutescens are prevented from being clamped into the main plate.

Application Domain

Food treatment

Technology Topic

Agricultural engineeringStructural engineering +2


  • Roller drying assembly line for peppers
  • Roller drying assembly line for peppers
  • Roller drying assembly line for peppers


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Example Embodiment

[0031]Example 1:
[0032]Appendfigure 1 AdherentFigure 6 Down:
[0033]The present invention provides a cylinder drying pipeline for pepper, which comprises a bottom control box 11, a drying box 22, a control tank 33, a curtain 44, a roller chain 55, and the roller chain 55 is attached to the bottom control box 11 internal activity connection The drying box 22 is mounted on top of the bottom control box 11, and the tank 22 is fixed to the top of the drying box, which is fixed to the outer surface of the dryer 22.
[0034]The roller chain 55 includes a hollow chain 501, a drum 502, and the open-chain 501 abuts the outer surface activity of the drum 502.
[0035]Wherein, the drum 502 includes a top block 001, a pan 002, a housing 003, an internal voltage core 004, and the top block 001 is located inside the opening 002, and the opening 002 and the outer casing 003 are integrated structures, the top The internal ring end of the block 001 confine the outer surface of the internal compressor core 004, and the top block 001 is provided with a uniform distribution of a circular ring, the inner die 004 being a soft material, the passport 002 is a hollow structure. The inlet 002 makes the inner portion have a certain movable space, the top block 001 to inverse the outermost force, so that the integral is internally pressing, the inner die core 004 acts as a scalable.
[0036]Wherein, the top block 001 includes a top ball E01, a limiting block E02, a hard block E03, an outer wrap layer E04, a strut E05, and the strut E05 is fixed between the two top ball E01, the limit block E02 The outer surface of the strut E05 is attached to the outer wrapper E04, the hard block E03 being a symmetrical structure, the top ball E01 as a spherical structure, the top ball E01 is in the overall part When the part is pressed, it can better press it, the hard block E03 maintains the hard strength of the outer layer, the limit block E02 limits the integral portion of the activity range.
[0037]Wherein, the inner compact core 004 includes a soft block W01, an inner soft ring W02, a central axis W03, and the soft block W01 abuts the outer surface of the inner soft ring W02, the central axis W03 runs inside the inner soft ring W02, The soft block W01 is uniformly distributed in a circular ring, the inner soft ring W02 being a circular structure, the inner soft ring W02 functions on a plug-in position, limits the range of deformation of the binder, the soft block. W01 role in the external force.
[0038]Wherein, the soft block W01 includes a hoste S11, a tab S12, a rubber strip S13, which is bonded between the two hospums S11, the hosted block S11 away from one end and troops of the strip S13 The S12 is connected, and the swing S11 is a group, and the strip S13 is made of an elastic material, and the strip S13 will extend reverse pulling when the joint is pulled. The hoste S11 passes the hard force of itself, allowing the outer arcking to push the body, and the tension S12 assists the end of the contact portion, and the stretch contraction control is stretched.
[0039]The specific use method and effect of this embodiment:
[0040]In the present invention, the millenum is placed on the roller chain 55, and the vacuum chain 501 is rotated by the roller chain 55 control the drum 502, which is placed in the process of the small rice pepper on the hollow chain 501, from the drying box 22 pair It is dried, and the millenum is placed in the surface of the hollow chain 501, and the dry curvature will be dried, and the curved is easily brought into the hollow chain 501, the top of the drum 502 The 001 will be extended in the open port 002, and the hard block E03 is hosted in the hollow chain 501, the hard block E03 maintains the hard strength of the outer wrapper E04, so that the block E05 is introduced to the top ball E01. The soft block W01 contrary to the top ball E01 will be lost by the sloppy S11, and the swing S11 is extruded in the direction of the rubber strip S13 by the back of the strip S11. The top ball E01 between the hospums S11 is clamped out, and its pull S12 assist pulls, so that the shaft W03 can smoothly open the hollow chain 501, let the millet beacon to be brought into the hollow chain 501 The drum 502 is still rotating, and when the top block 001 moves the vacaginal position of the hollow chain 501, the top block 001 will be squeezed in the direction of the internal die 1004, and its top ball E01 Squeezing between the plaque S11, so that the strip S13 is pulled, and its troishes S12 assist pulls, allowing the top ball E01 to be swinger into a retraction between the hose S11.

Example Embodiment

[0041]Example 2:
[0042]AppendFigure 7 AdherentFigure 9Down:
[0043]Wherein, the hollow chain 501 includes a bulk k11, a toner K12, and the tunnel K12 is connected to the bulk k11, and the panel K12 is a symmetrical structure, and the bulk k11 allows the overall chain to be integrated. When the panel K12 is in a stationary state, it will be flat when it is pushed.
[0044]Wherein, the tunnel K12 includes a slot 111, a main board 112, a partition layer 113, a split 114, which is inserted inside the main board 112, and the spacer layer 113 is bonded to the bottom of the motherboard 112, said The sputum 114 is embedded inside the main board 112, the slot 111 is a hollow structure, and the spacer layer 113 is a smooth material, which can be smoothly slidable when the outer object is contrary, and the slot 111 is in the overall state of the flat state. It is also possible to ventilate, the sputum 114 fixed the position of the overall rotation.
[0045]Wherein, the bulk k11 includes a spacer M11, a partition M12, a separator M13, an integral block M14, and the separator M12 is bonded between the two partitions M12, the separating strip M12 and the whole end and the whole Block M14 is connected, the separator M13 is fixed to the outer surface of the entire block M14, the bazzle M11 is a strip structure, and is made of a rubber material, the entire block M14 mainly secures the entire form, the separator When the strip M11 is continuously stressed, the strip M12 can function, the separator M12, which can extend in an effect according to the force state of the attachment portion.
[0046]The specific use method and effect of this embodiment:
[0047]In the present invention, when the bulk K11 is moved from the roller 502 and the tulating plate K12, the bulk K11 remains flat, and the slot 111 will always remain in the state, so that the bottom of the millet pepper continues to keep the port. In the process of moving, the top block 001 is in an overhead of the panel K12, and its top block 001 will smoothly pass the spacer 113, so that the motherboard 112 can rotate smoothly, When the tulating board K12 is open, the millet pepper will be dial on the bulk to the bulk to swing, and the bazzle M11 and the separator M12 will be stressed in the overall block M14 when swinging the tang K12. When the barrier M11 can be appropriately pulled to make the buffer, allowing the tang K12 to extend smoothly, preventing the milk pepper card from entering the groove 111 inside.


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