Intelligent full-automatic research ward housekeeper robot

A fully automatic and robotic technology, applied in the field of intelligent robots, which can solve the problems of low degree of intelligence, no countdown function, and inconvenience in actual use.

Active Publication Date: 2021-09-21
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AI-Extracted Technical Summary

Problems solved by technology

This invention solves the intelligent processing between the robot's owner following, remote monitoring, obstacle avoidance, etc., which makes the existing mobile intelligent housekeeper robot less intelligent and inconvenient to use in practic...
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Method used

Receiving terminal 31: be used for the information reception of regional operation, carry out dynamic image capture to user's, after utilizing lens to collect image, data transmission is in receiving terminal 31, and receiving terminal 31 processes data, will complete t...
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The invention discloses an intelligent full-automatic research ward housekeeper robot. The intelligent full-automatic research ward housekeeper robot comprises a supporting vertical cylinder, an auxiliary mechanism and a system assembly. The whole device can form a maximum 90-degree included angle between the supporting vertical cylinder and the auxiliary mechanism through angle adjustment of an angle adjusting shaft, a signature board is taken down, an inner cavity of an inflatable bag is inflated, the lower portion of the whole inflatable bag is in contact with a sickbed, a patient supports the back and the thighs with contact arms as fulcrums, the angle adjusting shaft is adjusted to a quasi-working state, the contact arms are adjusted to perform opposite lifting movement, and the physical function of the patient is restored through the movement of the back and the thighs; an auxiliary box comprises an embedded box and a containing drawing plate, and the containing drawing plate is arranged on the front face of the embedded box in a penetrating mode; and the device can assist a nurse in blood sampling, centrifugal tubes are arranged and placed into an inner cavity of the containing drawing plate, the nurse is reminded to operate through a countdown timing unit, the blood sampling time and the end time are recorded, and body data of the patient is collected and researched through the system assembly.

Application Domain

Evaluation of blood vesselsAngiography +2

Technology Topic

Auxiliary nursePhysical therapy +12


  • Intelligent full-automatic research ward housekeeper robot
  • Intelligent full-automatic research ward housekeeper robot
  • Intelligent full-automatic research ward housekeeper robot


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Example Embodiment

[0047] Example 1
[0048] Refer Figure 1-3 An intelligent automatic research ward housekeeper robot comprising a vertical support tube 1, 2 and the auxiliary system assembly mechanism 3, the support 1 comprises a vertical tubular support chassis 11, moving wheels 12, a scanning mechanism 13, cylinder 14, the auxiliary tank 15 mounting cap 16, detecting means 17, the sound receiving means 18 and the angle adjusting shaft 19, the support base is attached to the bottom four moving wheels 12, 11 support the front end surface of the chassis 11 defines the scanning mechanism 13, the support 11 of the chassis top mounting cylinder 14, the front barrel 14 of the auxiliary tank 15, the cylinder 14 defines the top cover 16 is mounted, mounting the front end cap 16 defines, below the detection mechanism 17 is mounted sound receiving means 17 18, a top mounting detecting means the intermediate lid 16 to the top of the mounting angle adjusting shaft 19, the auxiliary mechanism 2 includes a mounting body 21, infrared temperature measurement port 22, the operating arm 23, signature panel 24, a head 25, a speaker 26 and monitoring means 27 mechanism, the body 21 is mounted infrared temperature measurement port 22 is opened, both ends of the mounting body 21 defines the operating arm 23, one end of the operating arm 23 is attached to the signature plate 24, the upper end of the body 21 of the mounting head 25 is attached to the front head portion 25 is provided a speaker 26, the upper end of both sides of the speaker means are means 26 defines the monitoring means 27, vertical support tube 1, 2 with the auxiliary mechanism assembly system 3 is electrically connected to detecting means 17 includes an extension plate 171, clamp block 172, a pressure detection block 173 and the elastic side rod 174, the lower end of the extension plate 171 is mounted clamp block 172, the inner end of the clamp bearing block 172 is mounted detection block 173, connected by an elastic clamp block side edges 172 between the rod 174 activity, the operating arm 23 comprises rotating lever 231, the rotary arm 232, block 233 ear series, 234 series shaft, the adapter block 235 and the contact arm 236, rotating lever 231 is connected to the side end of the rotary arm 232 activity, the other end of the rotary arm 232 is attached to the ear series block 233, block 233 in series concatenation lug shaft 234 is movably connected to the adapter block 235, adapter block 235 and the other end of the contact arm 236 is connected.

Example Embodiment

[0049] Example 2
[0050] Refer Figure 4 with 5 , The contact arm 236 includes arm 2361, the balloon 2362 and the interconnection interface 2363, the arm 2361 of the outer ring wrapped balloon 2362 is provided, the outer end of the intermediate arm 2361 defines interconnection interface 2363, the interface 2363 may be via the Internet with other interconnection robot can then export the aggregated patient data, the entire device can be adjusted by the angle adjusting shaft 19 the angle, the maximum angle of 90 degrees is formed between the two vertical support means and the auxiliary cylinder 1, remove the sign plate 24, the charge lumen balloon 2362 is inflated, the balloon of the entire below 2362 in contact with the bed, a patient will support the back and thighs contact arm 236 as a fulcrum, the shaft 19 is adjusted to adjust the angle of the quasi-operating state, adjust the contact arm 236 opposite to each other moved vertically by the movement of the back and the thighs, so as to achieve a patient body functions to recover the auxiliary tank 15 comprises a tank 151 and the embedded-contained pumping plate 152, a front case 151 embedded interspersed pumping plate 152 is provided with a bloom, means blood may assist the nurse, the lumen tube is placed into the accommodating arrangement pumping plate 152 by the reciprocal of the number of seconds to remind the nurse operation timing unit 35, the recording time and end time of blood collection, the angle adjustment shaft 19 is made of an alloy material, the maximum angle of the angle adjusting shaft 19 can be angularly adjusted, adjustment is 90 degrees, the rotating lever 231 is rotated arm 232 may be rotated 360 degrees, block 233 may be connected in series between the ears 235 and 234 series shaft adapter 90 blocks reverse adjustment.

Example Embodiment

[0051] Example 3
[0052] Refer Image 6 , 3 system assembly comprising:
[0053] Receiving terminal 31: an area for receiving operation information, the moving image capturing is performed using art, after acquiring images using the camera, the data transmission to the receiving terminal 31, the receiving terminal 31 processes the data, the data transfer process is completed into the receiving terminal 31, so that attendance of personnel recognition, signature angle setting plate 24 is inclined downward as the sign of 30 degrees, to facilitate bedridden patients;


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