Asphalt pavement rut calculation method considering load frequency

A technology of asphalt pavement and calculation method, which is applied in complex mathematical operations, using stable tension/pressure to test the strength of materials, measuring devices, etc., can solve the problem of not considering the influence of vehicle speed on road rutting, etc., and achieve accurate rutting deformation. Effect

Pending Publication Date: 2021-11-16
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However, the existing rutting permanent deformation calculation form...
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The invention relates to an asphalt pavement rut calculation method considering load frequency. The method is specifically realized through the following steps of: a) manufacturing a rut plate; b) performing device installation and heat preservation; c) loading a load; d) reading a rut deformation amount; e) repeating the test; f) calculating a regression coefficient; and g) calculating the rut deformation amount. Compared with an existing asphalt pavement rut deformation calculation method, the asphalt pavement rut calculation method considering the load frequency introduces the load frequency f (corresponding to the designed speed of the road) and a regression coefficient a to be measured, and considers the influence of vehicle speed on pavement rut, and therefore, the obtained rut deformation of an asphalt pavement is more accurate, the rut depth of the asphalt pavement in the using process can be predicted, and more accurate reference data can be provided for timely repair and maintenance of the rut of the pavement.

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  • Asphalt pavement rut calculation method considering load frequency
  • Asphalt pavement rut calculation method considering load frequency
  • Asphalt pavement rut calculation method considering load frequency


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Example Embodiment

[0039] The present invention is further explained in conjunction with the accompanying drawings.
[0040] The present invention calculates the permanent deformation amount of asphalt pavement rut to calculate the amount of permanent deformation of the asphalt pavement rut to considering the asphalt pavement of the load frequency.
[0043] Where: r a Permanent deformation of the asphalt mixture, unit mm;
[0044] Rim ai - The amount of permanent deformation of the first layer, unit mm;
[0045] N-layered number;
[0046] T pef - Equivalent temperature of the permanent deformation layer of asphalt mixture, unit ° C;
[0047] p i Vertical pressure stress in the first layer of asphalt mixture layer, unit MPa;
[0048] N e3 - Designing the useful life or through the train to the first time for the period of rut to design the number of equivalent design axial vehicles on the lane;
[0049] hide i - 第 i 分 thickness, unit mm;
[0050] hide 0 - Thickness of the rut test test piece, unit mm;
[0051] R ' 0i (f) - The first layer of asphalt mixture is 60 ° C, the pressure is 0.7 MPa, and the number of loading is 2520 times, the rutting test is permanently deformable, the unit mm; and the loading frequency f have a relationship, load frequency value The range is from 0 to 60 Hz;
[0052]F- is applied to the load frequency of the test piece, the value ranges from 0 to 60 Hz;
[0053] A- to be tested;
[0054] k Ri - Comprehensive correction factor, which is calculated by equation (3), formula (4) and formula (5):
[0058] Where: z i - Asphalt mixture layer The first layered depth, the first layer is taken from 15 mm, and the other layered is the depth of the point in the lattice hierarchy, unit mm;
[0059] hide a - Asphalt mixture layer thickness, unit mm, H a More than 200mm, take 200mm.
[0060] Specifically, the following steps are implemented:
[0061] a). Making a car, according to the asphalt mixture test procedure, the asphalt mixture vehicle with the rutt-loader carrying device is produced;
[0062] b). Device installation and insulation, first install the rutting test piece carrier assembly on the MTS test platform, and placed the ruts to the ruts to bearer on the rutting test piece; then placed the rut board in a predetermined temperature In an environment box of 60 ° C, heat insulation for 4 hours;
[0063] c). Load load, control the MTS test platform to apply frequency f = 1 Hz on the rut to the carrier on the rut to take the carrier carrier, the peak load is 700n, the maximum ground pressure of the load wheel is 0.7 MPa, load 2520 times. Post test;
[0064] d). After reading the ruts, the load is loaded, the MTS vertical sensor automatically records the standard car of each layer, and the standard car, which is made of the standard car, the quantity of the standard car, which is made of R '. 0i (1);
[0065] e). Repeated test, set the load frequency f to 2 Hz, 5Hz, 10Hz and 15Hz, and repeat steps a) to step d), ie the load frequency f = 2 Hz, f = 5 Hz, f = 10 Hz and F = 15Hz standard car rut board deformation amount r ' 0i (2), r ' 0i (5), r ' 0i (10) and R ' 0i (15);
[0066] f) Calculate the regression coefficient, establish a rutting deformation equation under the formula (6) as shown in the formula (6):
[0067] R ' 0i (f) = r 0 * f a (6)
[0068] Among them, R 0 The amount of rutting under the standard rutting test conditions; F is loaded frequencies loaded by the load wheel, and the load frequency f takes 1 Hz, 2Hz, 5Hz, 10 Hz, 15 Hz, and the corresponding vehicle speed is 8km / h, 16 km / h, 40 km / H, 80km / h, 120km / h; 1 Hz, 2Hz, 5Hz, 10 Hz, 15 Hz, using step d) and step e) 0i (1), R ' 0i (2), r ' 0i (5), r ' 0i (10) and R ' 0i (15), calculate the regression coefficient α;
[0069] g). Calculation of rutting deformation, in the process of calculation of the permanent deformation of asphalt pavement .
[0070] like figure 1 As shown, a structural schematic view of the rutting test piece carrying apparatus in the present invention is given, which is composed of an upper connector 1, a load wheel 2, a lower connector 3, a supporting seat 4, a side panel 5, and a car chamber. The upper connector 1 and the lower connector 3 are used to connect to the MTS test platform. A support seat 4 is provided below the upper connector 1, and the support seat 4 is fixedly coupled to the upper connector 1 with two connection bolts 8. The support seat 4 achieves the fixation and support of the load wheel 2, and two side plates 5 are fixed to both sides of the upper surface of the support seat 4, and the two side plates 5 are disposed, and the carrier 2 is located between the two side plates 5, and the carrier is 2 The wheel axis is disposed on both side plates 5.
[0071] The rut pad chassis case is composed of the bottom plate 6 and the four bladed plate 7, and the lower connector 3 is located below the load wheel 2, and the ruts box is located between the load wheel and the lower connector 3, and the bottom plate 6 is fixed. The upper end of the lower connector 3, the four pieces are fixed to the edge of the surface of the bottom plate 6, and the four blades 7 and the bottom plate 6 form a cavity of the cavity of the car. Thus, the MTS test platform can apply a sinusoidal load of the corresponding frequency and load size via the load wheel 2 to the car.


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