Spraying painting material for slide bearing

A technology of spraying materials and sliding bearings, which is applied in the direction of metal material coating process, coating, molten spraying, etc., can solve the problems of unsatisfactory overall use effect, brittle ceramic mounting blocks, accidents, etc., to improve service life, The effect of reducing requirements and reducing the amount of spare parts required

Inactive Publication Date: 2004-08-25
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Although the ceramic mounting block can provide super wear resistance, it is restricted by the life of the inner sleeve of the bearing used with it, and the overall use effect is not ideal
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A spray material for slide bearing is a self-fused hard alloy powder for the hot galvanizing machine set, and contains Cr (20-26 wt.%), Co (22.8-61), Mo (10-16), W (6-12), Si (1-4), B (2-5), F (less than 14) and C (less than 0.2). Its spayed layer has high anticorrosion and antiwear performance to elongate the service life of slide bearing up to 21-27 days with low cost.

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Molten spray coating

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Chemical compositionPlain bearing +2


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[0013] The present invention will be discussed in detail below in conjunction with embodiments.
[0014] The spraying material of the sliding bearing of the present invention is a Co-Cr-W-Mo self-fluxing alloy, and its composition ratio is as follows:
[0015] Chemical composition (wt%)
[0016] The spraying equipment adopts an oxyacetylene flame spray gun, through preheating-spraying-tempering-turning processing-grinding processing, complete the processing process of the sliding bearing inner and outer sleeve relative sliding surface coating. The technical parameters of the obtained coating are shown in Table 2.
[0017] Rough sleeve
[0018] After the above-mentioned spraying treatment, the continuous hot-dip galvanizing unit's sunken component sliding bearing has been tested on the continuous hot-dip galvanizing unit for 6 months. It is shown that the continuous use time of the coated bearing can reach 21-27 day. The surface wear of the replaced bearing coating is very small. The wear of the inner and outer sleeves is between 0.65 and 1.9mm. No serious corrosion on the surface of the sleeve is observed. The coating provides excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance for the bearing, and the service life is extended from one week to three weeks, providing a solid foundation for the production of qualified strip steel. At the same time, the problem of mismatch between the service life of the original bearing and other components on the sinking component-the sinking roller and the stabilizer roller is improved, and the factors affecting the abnormal shutdown of the roller replacement are further reduced.
[0019] The sliding bearing spray material of the present invention can also be used as a coating for the relative sliding surfaces of the inner and outer sleeves of other sliding bearings that work in similar high-temperature and easily corrosive situations to increase their wear resistance and corrosion resistance.


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