Anti-leak oil feeding device

An oil supply device and anti-leakage technology, which is applied in fluid pressure actuation devices, fluid pressure actuation system components, mechanical equipment, etc., can solve the problem of limited hydraulic valves without anti-leakage measures, and achieve the effect of preventing leakage

Inactive Publication Date: 2011-06-15
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For the situation where leakage is occurring but the operator has not found it, there are no eff...
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The invention discloses an anti-leak oil feeding device which comprises an oil-feeding pipeline and an oil expeller branch which is connected with the oil-feeding pipeline, wherein the oil-feeding pipeline is connected with an oil feeding tank; the oil expeller branch is connected with the oil-feeding pipeline through screw threads; the oil expeller branch is internally provided with a ball body and a baffle block; the ball body is made of materials the density of which is less than that of oil; and the diameter of the ball body is equal to the that of the inner wall of the oil expeller branch. The anti-leak oil feeding device provided by the invention has the beneficial effect that liquids can be automatically prevented from leaking out when leakage occurs.

Application Domain

Fluid-pressure actuator components

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Fuel tankFeed tank +3


  • Anti-leak oil feeding device
  • Anti-leak oil feeding device


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Example Embodiment

In order to facilitate the understanding of those skilled in the art, the structural principles of the present invention will be further described in detail below in conjunction with specific embodiments and drawings:
As shown in Figure 1, an anti-leakage oil supply device includes an oil supply pipe 1, an oil distribution pipe branch 2 connected to the oil supply pipe 1, and the oil supply pipe 1 is connected to an oil supply tank. The road 2 is connected with the oil supply pipeline 1 through a thread. The oil distribution pipe branch 2 is provided with a ball 3 and a stop 4, and the ball 3 is made of a material with a density lower than that of oil. The ball 3 The diameter of is 0.1~5mm smaller than the diameter of the inner wall of the branch pipe 2. The bottom of the oil distribution pipe branch 2 is a depression matched with the sphere 3. The oil supply pipeline 1 is connected with five oil distribution pipe branches 2, and the working oil volume of each oil distribution pipe branch 2 is adjustable.
The working principle of the present invention is: because the ball 3 is made of a material with a density lower than that of the oil, under normal circumstances, the hydraulic oil can flow freely in the oil distribution pipe branch 2, and the ball 3 is under the stop 4, without Will float out of the oil distribution pipe branch 2. When a leak occurs, the sphere 3 will fall into the bottom recess of the oil distribution pipe branch 2 due to the leakage of the hydraulic oil below the sphere 3. The bottom of the oil distribution pipe branch 2 is recessed to prevent further leakage.
The above content is only a preferred embodiment of the present invention, and is not intended to limit the implementation of the present invention. Appropriate variations or modifications made by those skilled in the art based on the concept of the present invention should fall within the protection scope of the present invention. Inside.


Inner wall diameter0.1 ~ 5.0mm

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