Carp nest

A carp and fish nest technology, applied in the field of new carp nests, can solve the problems of affecting the survival rate and growth of fry, affecting the attachment rate of fertilized eggs, and decreasing the overall hatching rate, so as to improve the fertilization and hatching rate, facilitate disinfection and storage, Good ventilation and light transmission

Inactive Publication Date: 2012-02-22
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Problems solved by technology

In the past, carp nests made of brown chips, tree roots, aquatic plants, etc., often scattered on the bottom of the pond, which was troublesome and time-consuming to remove, and easily damaged the fry
In addition, the material of these fish nests affects the atta...
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The invention discloses a carp nest, which is characterized by comprising a peripheral frame and a net arranged on the frame surface, wherein the frame is a cuboid, and is formed by splicing hollow tubes; a cavity of the frame is filled with sand soil; two opposite surfaces of the frame in the height direction are hollow, the other surfaces of the frame are provided with two-layer nets; except the top two-layer net, other two-layer nets are externally bound with net cloth; and when the net cloth is bound, the net cloth is folded in half, and is bound onto the net along the folding line. The carp nest is firm in structure, can keep water in a hatching pond clean, is high in production inducing capacity, adhesion, air permeability and light transmission, can improve fertilization and hatching rates, is time-saving and labor-saving in recovery, can reduce the loss of fries, is durable, and convenient to clean, disinfect and store, can be repeatedly used, saves financial resources and human resources, can eliminate adverse effects of a material of the traditional carp nest on germ cell hatching and fry survival and growth of carp, and has a good application prospect.

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Climate change adaptationPisciculture and aquaria

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  • Carp nest
  • Carp nest
  • Carp nest


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Example Embodiment

[0011] like figure 1 An embodiment of a carp nest shown:
[0012] 1. Fish nest frame. The fish nest frame is in the shape of a cuboid, which is spliced ​​by PVC pipes 1, and the PVC pipes are filled with sand. The length, width and height of the frame are 50cm, 40cm and 40cm respectively.
[0013] 2. Install a double-layer mesh 2 on the surface of the fish nest frame with a size of 0.5m×0.4m.
[0014] 3. Bind the mesh 1 with a specification of 25 mesh on the three sides of the double-layer mesh 2 with nylon ropes at a distance of 5cm. The size of the mesh is 20cm×10cm, and fold it in half when binding.
[0015] 4. Before breeding, the fish nests should be disinfected; during breeding, place the side without mesh cloth facing up, and a pair of broodstock should be placed in one fish nest; after breeding, the fish nests should be cleaned and stored.


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