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An electric and pedal technology, which is applied in the field of electric vehicles, can solve the problems that users cannot carry it with them, the two-wheeled electric vehicles are large in size, poor in safety and convenience, and achieve light weight, improved use safety and driving resistance. small effect

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[0002] Traditional two-wheeled electric vehicles are bulky and cumbersome, and users cannot carr...
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The invention discloses an electric bicycle which comprises an inner shell, an outer shell, a battery, a controller, pressure sensors, a driving wheel, a steering wheel and two pedals. The electric bicycle is characterized in that both the driving wheel and the steering wheel are arranged in hollow space in the inner shell; the driving wheel is connected with the inner shell at both sides by wheel shafts; a hub driving motor is arranged in the driving wheel; the steering wheel is connected with the inner shell by a steering wheel bracket; the hollow space between the inner shell and the outer shell is provided with the battery and the controller, and the battery is connected with the controller; the two pedals are arranged at both sides of the outer shell, and the pressure sensors are arranged in the two pedals; and the pressure sensors are connected with the battery and the controller. The electric bicycle has the advantages of small size, light weight and portability.

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[0011] like Figure 1-4 As shown in the figure, an electric bicycle according to the present invention is composed of an inner casing 1, an outer casing 2, a battery 3, a controller 4, a pressure sensor (front-end pressure sensor 11, rear-end pressure sensor 12) driving wheels 5, The steering wheel 8 and two pedals 10 are formed. The steering wheel 8 and the driving wheel 5 are arranged in front and back, and they are all covered under the inner casing 1. The steering wheel 8 and the driving wheel 5 are all air-free tires. The wheel bracket 9 and the steering wheel bracket 9 are fixedly connected with the inner casing 1 by screws. The driving wheel 5 is composed of a wheel hub driving motor 6 covered with a solid rubber tread. The wheel hub driving motor 6 is provided with an electromagnetic brake, and the driving wheel 5 It is connected with the inner casing 1 through the motor shaft 7 of the wheel hub drive motor 6 , and the two ends of the motor shaft 7 are respectively installed and fixed on the inner walls of the inner casing 1 on both sides. The two pedals 10 are respectively fixed and installed at the bottom ends of the two sides of the inner casing 1, which are foldable pedals, which can be opened to support level and can also be closed by hanging down.
[0012] The front and rear ends of the two pedals 10 are provided with pressure sensors (front pressure sensor 11 and rear pressure sensor 12 ). The front sensor 11 senses forward travel and acceleration, and the rear sensor 12 senses deceleration and braking. The inner casing 1 is covered with an outer casing 2, and the bottom ends of the inner casing 1 and the outer casing 2 are fixedly connected together.
[0013] On the side of the electric scooter, a plurality of battery grids and other component grids are arranged in the hollow space between the outer casing 2 and the inner casing 1 to accommodate the battery 3, the controller 4, and other circuit components. The wheel hub drive motor 6, controller 4, pressure sensor (front end pressure sensor 11, rear end pressure sensor 12) and other circuit elements are connected, and the controller 4 is connected with the wheel hub drive motor 6, pressure sensor (front end pressure sensor 11, rear end pressure sensor 11) The pressure sensor 12) is connected. The controller 4 is the signal sensing, control and processing center of the electric bicycle. The pressure sensors (front-end pressure sensor 11 and rear-end pressure sensor 12) sense the user's pressure signal and transmit the signal to the controller. 4. The controller 4 will recognize this signal and control the wheel hub drive motor 6 to make corresponding driving actions.
[0014] There is a power switch on the surface of the electric bicycle. When the user uses the electric bicycle, the power switch is turned on, and the car starts to run. The forward, acceleration, deceleration, braking and other actions of the car all rely on pressure sensors (front pressure sensor 11, rear end The pressure sensor 12) is sensed and controlled by the controller 4. When the user steps on the two pedals 10 with both feet (that is, the user stands on the electric bicycle), and the two feet simultaneously apply approximately the same pressure to the front ends of the two pedals 10 (for example, the user has Depress the front end of the pedal 10 hard), the front pressure sensors 11 of the two pedals 10 sense and output a signal and transmit it to the controller 4. This signal is the "accelerate forward" signal, and the controller 4 will control the hub drive motor 6 to make Corresponding action, the driving wheel 5 rotates to drive the whole car to accelerate forward; when the pressure applied by the user's feet is withdrawn at the same time (that is, the user's feet are flat on the two pedals 10), the front pressure sensor 11 and the rear pressure The sensor 12 senses and outputs a "smooth forward" signal at the same time, and the vehicle keeps running smoothly at this speed; when the user's feet apply roughly the same pressure to the rear ends of the two pedals 10 at the same time (for example, the user's feet press down slightly at the same time) Press the front end of the pedal 10), the rear pressure sensors 12 of the two pedals 10 sense and output a "deceleration" signal, the car decelerates and runs. The car continues to decelerate until the speed returns to zero, that is, the brake is realized.
[0015] The steering of the electric bicycle is driven by the user himself. The user stands on the vehicle (pedal 10 ), and it is relatively easy to control the steering of the vehicle by his own gravity.
[0016] When the user stops using the electric bicycle, the user closes the two pedals 10 to the lower end, and the electric bicycle can be carried around or placed in the trunk of the car, or can be parked in a certain position. The pedals are in a sagging state, which can just be used as a support point for parking the car.
[0017] It should be pointed out that the above descriptions are only preferred embodiments of the present invention, and are not intended to limit the present invention. Although the present invention has been described in detail with reference to the foregoing embodiments, those skilled in the art can still Modifications are made to the technical solutions described in the foregoing embodiments, or some technical features thereof are equivalently replaced, and other sensors that can achieve the same function can be used for the pressure sensor. Any modification, equivalent replacement, improvement, etc. made within the spirit and principle of the present invention shall be included within the protection scope of the present invention.


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