Cracking-prevention structure suited on lens

A technology for optical mirrors and flanges, which is applied in the field of anti-cracking structure of optical mirror sleeves. It can solve the problems of easy cracking, increased product cost, and water leakage, so as to improve air tightness, increase contact area, and prevent cracking. Effect

Inactive Publication Date: 2012-05-16
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Problems solved by technology

[0002] The current structure of the light distribution mirror is mainly composed of two entities bonded to each other on one side. During the production and use of the lamp, due to the influence of various objective conditions on the lamp, it is easy to crack at the joint of the two entities, result...
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The invention relates to a cracking-prevention structure suited on a lens, which consists of the lens (1) and an injection-molding lens (2), wherein the lens (1) is provided with a flange (3), the injection-molding lens (2) is provided with a rove, the flange (3) of the lens (1) is clamped into the groove of the injection-molding lens (2); the cracking-prevention structure is characterized in that: the flange (3) of the lens (1) is a reinforcing rib. In the invention, the contact area of the two lenses can be directly increased, the stressed force in a unit area is reduced, the air tightness of a lamp is effectively improved, the cracking is prevented, and the yield of the products is improved to 93.7% from 75.2 percent.

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Road vehiclesLight fastenings

Technology Topic

OptoelectronicsFlange +1


  • Cracking-prevention structure suited on lens
  • Cracking-prevention structure suited on lens


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Example Embodiment

[0007] Depend on figure 1 It is well known that the light distribution mirror cover of this embodiment has a structure to prevent cracking, and the mold of the injection molding machine is molded and injected, and the light distribution mirror 1 and the injection molded light distribution mirror 2 will be integrated with each other. A flange structure 3 is added around the mirror. The size of the rib is 1 mm×1mm. The injection molded light distribution mirror 2 has a groove, and the light distribution mirror flange 3 is inserted into the groove of the injection molded light distribution mirror 2. During production and use During the process, the lamps and lanterns will be affected by forces from various aspects. The structure light distribution mirror of the present invention is red 2, and the injection molding light distribution mirror 2 is white. This structure reduces product cracking, improves product quality and qualified rate, and reduces cost.


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