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Device And Method For Filling A Container With A Gas Under Pressure

Device for filling a container with a gas under pressure, especially hydrogen in a tank of a vehicle, comprising at least one source (1, 2, 3, 6) of gas pressurized to a first pressure, called high pressure, a transfer circuit (201, 36, 13, 14, 136, 146) capable of selectively connecting the source or sources (1, 2, 3, 6) of pressurized gas to the tank to be filled, the transfer circuit comprising control members (204, 132, 142) for controlling the flow of the gas from the source or sources (1, 2, 3, 6) to the tank, the transfer circuit further including at least one cooling exchanger (9), for cooling the pressurized gas, wherein the cooling exchanger (9) comprises a hot flow circuit (99) for the pressurized gas to be cooled, a cold flow circuit (98) for a cold cooling fluid, and a refrigeration hold-over medium (5), the refrigeration hold-over medium (5) being in direct heat exchange, on the one hand, with the cold fluid of the cold circuit (98) and, on the other hand, with the pressurized gas to be cooled of the hot circuit (99), in order to selectively carry out indirect heat exchange between the pressurized gas and the cold fluid (4) via the refrigeration hold-over medium (5), and wherein the refrigeration hold-over medium (5) forms and fills a gap (1) between the cold fluid of the cold circuit (98) and the pressurized gas of the hot circuit (99), the gap (1) having a thickness of greater than 5 mm and preferably between 20 and 50 mm.

Fluorescence-like LED illumination unit and applications thereof

A fluorescence-like light emitting diode (LED) illumination unit is provided, which includes a radiator, an LED substrate fixed on the radiator, and multiple LED illuminants encapsulated on the LED substrate. A first surface of the radiator is in the shape of a paraboloid with reflective effect. A bar-shaped convex lens with radial converging effect is disposed in the space surrounded by the paraboloid. The bar-shaped convex lens is located in front of the multiple LED illuminants and radially converges part of light rays emitted by the multiple LED illuminants but axially diffuses them. The illumination unit completely solves the problems such as exposure of spotted light sources, small irradiation angle of a light path, beaded light spots of the LED light sources as the lamp illuminant, visual dizziness caused by multiple projections formed by irradiating an irradiated object with a multi-point light source, dazzling light rays, and the like in an existing LED illumination lamp. The illumination unit emits more uniform and soft light rays, with a higher brightness in an irradiated region and a light emitting mode which is basically not different from that of a conventional daylight lamp, and meets the long-term using habit and approval of people. Various applications of the fluorescence-like LED illumination unit are further provided.
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