Forest fire trip test platform for transmission line

A trip test and transmission line technology, applied in the direction of measuring electricity, measuring electrical variables, measuring devices, etc., to achieve the effects of easy test comparison, simple operation, and convenient use

Inactive Publication Date: 2012-09-12
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[0003] The technical problem to be solved by the present invention is to design a test platform for mountain fire tripping of transmission lines in view of the backwardness of the current mountain fire tripping prevent...
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The invention discloses a forest fire trip test platform for a transmission line. The forest fire trip test platform consists of a voltage regulator (1), a transformer (2), a resistor (3), an electrode (4) and a grounding electrode (5) which are connected in series in sequence, wherein the electrode (4) is connected with the grounding electrode (5) in a line with an adjustable air gap-line electrode form or a rod-rod electrode form or a rod-plate electrode form; and when the voltage exceeds the tolerance level of the air gap between the electrode (4) and the grounding electrode (5), the air gap is broken down. Air gap breakdown voltage values under different conditions can be obtained through the air gap distance and the fire behavior; and the trip factors and rules of the transmission line are analyzed. The platform has the following advantages: 1) the operation is simple; 2) test contrasts under different electrode conditions are convenient; 3) test contrasts under different flame conditions are convenient; and 4) support can be provided for quantitative research of the trip factors and rules of the transmission line.

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Electrical testing

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Transmission lineEngineering +7


  • Forest fire trip test platform for transmission line
  • Forest fire trip test platform for transmission line


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Example Embodiment

[0017] see figure 1 , figure 1 Shown is a specific embodiment of the transmission line mountain fire tripping test platform of the present invention. The voltage regulator 1 of this embodiment adopts the TDGC type contact voltage regulator produced by China Hubei Shaoxin Special Electric Co., Ltd., with a rated capacity of 30kVA, a rated input voltage of 380V, and a rated output voltage of 0-420V; the transformer 2 adopts China Hubei Shaoxin The YD (CQ) test transformer produced by Special Electric Co., Ltd. has a rated capacity of 30kVA, a rated output voltage of 0.4kV, and a rated output voltage of 100kV; the resistor 3 is a RESW water resistor produced by Hunan Huicui Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd. The value is 50kΩ; electrode 4 and ground electrode 5 are any one of the ELL type wire-wire electrode, ERR type rod-rod electrode and ERP type rod-plate electrode produced by Hunan Huicui Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd., China, all of the above The ELL type wire-wire electrode or the ERR type rod-rod electrode or the ERP type rod-plate electrode have an air gap with adjustable gap. Described voltage regulator 1, transformer 2, resistance 3, electrode 4, grounding electrode 5 press the technical solution of the present invention above, refer to figure 1 The block diagrams shown are sequentially connected in series. Wherein the output terminal of the voltage regulator 1 is connected to the input terminal of the transformer 2 . The output terminal of transformer 2 is connected to electrode 4 through resistor 3 . The electrode 4 and the ground electrode 5 are connected in the form of a line-line electrode with an adjustable air gap.
[0018] The transmission line mountain fire tripping test platform of the present invention with the above-mentioned structure has been proved to be effective through tests, has the characteristics of simple operation, safety and reliability, and is easy to control, and fully meets the design requirements.


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