Adjustable cleaning clamp

A cleaning fixture and to-be-cleaned technology, applied in the field of lens cleaning, can solve the problems of high cost, unfavorable cleaning, and large contact area between the lens and the groove, etc.

Inactive Publication Date: 2012-12-26
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[0003] The current lens cleaning fixture is two flat plates with grooves fixed together by screws, and the lenses are placed flat in the grooves. The problem is that the lenses are placed flat, and the grooves can only hold lenses slightly smaller than their specifications. The ...
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The invention relates to an adjustable cleaning clamp comprising a bottom frame and at least two parallel battens; through troughs are arranged on two opposite sides of the bottom frame; screws penetrate through the troughs to fix both ends of the battens onto the bottom frame; each batten is provided with a plurality of vertical grooves on two side walls; and the groove diameter at the lower part of each vertical groove is less than that at the upper part of each vertical groove, and each vertical groove is used for supporting a lens to be cleaned together with the vertical groove of the adjacent batten. According to the adjustable cleaning clamp, the vertical grooves of the two battens are used for enclosing and clamping the lens to be cleaned, the size of a space enclosed by the vertical grooves can be adjusted only by adjusting the spacing between the battens, so that the adjustable cleaning clamp is applicable to lenses with various specifications.

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Cleaning processes and apparatus

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  • Adjustable cleaning clamp


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[0012] Examples:
[0013] As shown in the figure, the adjustable cleaning fixture includes a bottom frame 1, and also includes four clamping strips 2 arranged in parallel. The two opposite sides of the bottom frame 1 are provided with through slots 3, and the through slots 3 pass through There are screws 5 to fix the two ends of the clamp strip 2 on the bottom frame 1. Each clamp strip 2 has a plurality of vertical grooves 4 on both side walls. The lower part of the vertical groove 4 has a smaller groove diameter than the upper part. The vertical grooves of adjacent clamping bars jointly support the lens to be cleaned.
[0014] When in use, according to the specifications of the lens to be cleaned, move the position of the clamping strip 2 along the slot 3, adjust the size of the enclosed space of the vertical groove 4 of two adjacent clamping strips, and then put the lens vertically, and finally lay the clamp flat It can be cleaned after entering the washing tank. Since the diameter of the lower part of the vertical tank 4 is smaller than the upper part, the space formed by the adjacent vertical grooves 4 of the clamping strips is large and small. The lower part of the lens is also supported and can be placed well. Clean in enclosed space; The vertical trough can be prismatic or semicircular conical shape. The inner wall of semicircular conical shape is not easy to damage the edge of the lens, so as to avoid chipping or even broken pieces in the cleaning process, which affects the cleaning effect.


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