Uniform coating structure

A uniform coating, empty roller technology, applied in the direction of coating, device for coating liquid on the surface, textile and papermaking, etc., can solve the problem of different coating thickness, inconsistent coating performance of textiles, affecting clothing performance and other problems to achieve a uniform coating effect

Active Publication Date: 2013-09-11
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This method makes the textile and the coating more firmly bonded, but the textile’s weaving principle causes the thickness and texture of the textile to be different in each area, but the ...
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Method used

Above-mentioned uniform coating structure, the front end of described arc-shaped slit entrance is provided with the funnel-shaped entrance that is convenient to the coating 20 that described coating extrudes nozzle 300 to extrude and enters, and described funnel-shaped entrance is formed by described plastic The shaped sheet 400 is formed by bending, and the funnel-shaped inlet can effectively prevent the coating from spreading.
Described coating extrusion mouth 300 extrudes coating 20 extruded in the arc-shaped gap that described shaping sheet 400 and the shell of described hollow roller 100 constitute, and described coating 20 forms etc. thickness of the coating 20, the coating 20 of equal thickness is peeled off the hollow roller 100 under the action of the scraper 500, and the second scraper on the scra...
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The invention discloses a uniform coating structure. The uniform coating structure comprises a hollow roller barrel and a rotating shaft which is arranged in an axis of the hollow roller barrel and driven by a driving device to rotate. An arc-shaped shaping piece surrounds a barrel body of the hollow roller barrel. Equally-spaced arc-shaped gaps are formed in a space between the shaping piece and the barrel body of the hollow roller barrel. Coating extrusion nozzles are arranged on inlets of the arc-shaped gaps, scrapers are arranged on outlets of the arc-shaped gaps, scraper edges of the scrapers are tangent to the barrel body of the hollow roller barrel, and second scrapers are formed on backs of the scrapers and arranged above textiles needing to be machined to form a cutting tool for extruding coatings. The coatings which are uniform in thickness are formed on the arc-shaped gaps, the hollow roller barrel is striped under the effect of the scrapers, and the coatings are attached to the textiles under the effect of the second scrapers, so that the thickness of the coatings of the textiles is uniform.

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  • Uniform coating structure
  • Uniform coating structure


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Example Embodiment

[0017] The present invention will be further explained below in conjunction with the drawings and embodiments:
[0018] Refer to figure 1 In this embodiment, the uniform coating structure includes a hollow roller 100 and a rotating shaft 110 arranged on the axis of the hollow roller 100. The rotating shaft 110 is driven to rotate by a driving device. The body is surrounded by an arc-shaped shaping sheet 400, and the space between the shaping sheet 400 and the cylinder body of the hollow roller 100 forms an evenly spaced arc-shaped gap, and the entrance and the outlet of the arc-shaped gap are arranged in sequence In the direction of rotation of the hollow roller 100, the entrance of the arc-shaped gap is provided with a coating extrusion nozzle 300, and the exit of the arc-shaped gap is provided with a scraper 500, and the blade of the scraper 500 is connected to the hollow The cylinder body of the roller 100 is tangent, and the back of the scraper 500 forms a second scraper, and the second scraper is arranged on the textile 10 to be processed to form the extrusion coating 20.
[0019] In the above-mentioned uniform coating structure, the front end of the arc-shaped slot entrance is provided with a funnel-shaped inlet for the coating 20 extruded by the coating extrusion nozzle 300 to enter, and the funnel-shaped inlet is formed by the shaping sheet 400 With a curved structure, the funnel-shaped inlet can effectively prevent the coating from spreading.
[0020] Refer to figure 2 , The hollow roller 100 is uniformly provided with vent holes on its body, a second hollow roller 200 is coaxially arranged in the hollow roller 100, and both ends of the second hollow roller 200 are open and are provided with The pump body 210 and the impurity filter element 220. The air-permeable holes can dry and solidify the non-adhesive surface of the coating 20 in the arc-shaped gap, so that the coating 20 is partially cured before it comes into contact with the textile 10, so that the coating can be The contact textile 10 has a small shape change and can be more uniformly combined with the textile 10.
[0021] In the above-mentioned uniform coating structure, the impurity filter element 220 is composed of filter paper and activated carbon. Since the impurities emitted by drying of the coating are mainly chemical gases and fine particles, the filter paper and activated carbon can well remove chemical gases and fine particles.
[0022] The operating principle of the above-mentioned uniform coating structure:
[0023] The coating extrusion nozzle 300 squeezes the extruded coating 20 into the arc-shaped gap formed by the shaping sheet 400 and the barrel of the hollow roller 100, and the coating 20 forms a coating of equal thickness. Layer 20, the coating 20 of equal thickness peels off the hollow roller 100 under the action of the doctor blade 500, and the second doctor blade on the doctor blade 500 presses the coating 20 of equal thickness into the Textile 10, the coating of said textile 10 is more uniform than the coating formed by conventional methods.
[0024] The above descriptions are only preferred embodiments of the present invention and are not intended to limit the present invention. Any modification, equivalent replacement, improvement, etc. made within the spirit and principle of the present invention shall be included in the protection of the present invention. range.


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