Lace weaving device in shuttleless loom

A shuttleless loom and lace technology, applied in looms, auxiliary equipment for weaving, weaving, etc., can solve the problems of inability to weave lace fabrics and meet the diversification of the market, achieve rich diversification, promote development, increase The effect of life force

Active Publication Date: 2015-03-25
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[0002] It is impossible to weave lace fabric on the existing shuttleless loom, which cannot meet the diversified needs of...
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The invention discloses a lace weaving device in a shuttleless loom. The lace weaving device comprises dobby chain sheets. The outer curve of each dobby chain sheet is matched with the outer circle of a bearing on a blade group to form a cam-driving rolling shaft structure. Each blade group drives and is connected with one end of a connecting rod, wherein the other end of the connecting rod is connected with a thin guide rod through a rotating pin, the other end of the thin guide rod is fixedly connected into a connecting block, the connecting block transmits torque to an aluminum connecting piece in a coaxial mode, a steel wire rod is eccentrically connected to the aluminum connecting piece to form a crank connecting rod mechanism, and the farthest track position of the other end of the steel wire rod is located at a weaving opening. When weft needles move to overlock needles, the other ends of the steel wire rods arrive at the farthest track positions; meanwhile, the overlock needles move downwards, hooks press weft threads, crochet needles hook overlock threads, the weft needles retreat, and the overlock threads form a circle. The lace weaving device achieves the lace weaving function on the shuttleless loom, and is reliable in structure and low in refitting cost.

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  • Lace weaving device in shuttleless loom
  • Lace weaving device in shuttleless loom
  • Lace weaving device in shuttleless loom


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[0018] Hereinafter, the present invention will be described in detail with reference to the accompanying drawings and the embodiments.
[0019] Reference Figure 1 to Figure 3 As shown, a lace weaving device in a shuttleless loom includes a flower chain piece 1. The outer curve of the flower chain piece 1 cooperates with the outer ring of the bearing on the blade set 2 to form a cam-driven roller structure, and the blade is driven The group 2 moves up and down. The blade group 2 drives and connects one end of the connecting rod 3. The up and down movement of the blade group 2 drives the connecting rod 3 to move up and down. The other end of the connecting rod 3 is connected to the thin guide rod 4 through a rotating pin. The other end is fixed in the connecting block 5. The up and down movement of the thin guide rod 4 drives the connecting block 5 to swing slightly. The connecting block 5 transmits torque to the aluminum connecting piece 6 in a coaxial manner, and the aluminum connecting piece 6 also swings up and down. A steel rod 7 is eccentrically connected to the aluminum connecting piece 6 to form a crank connecting rod structure. The aluminum connecting piece 6 drives the steel rod 7 to twitch back and forth. The farthest track of the other end of the steel rod 7 is located at the knitting opening, and the weft needle 9 moves At the overlocking needle 10, the other end of the wire rod 7 reaches the farthest trajectory, and the overlocking needle 10 moves downwards, the hook presses the weft thread, the crochet needle 11 hooks the seaming thread, the weft needle 9 retreats, and the seaming becomes a loop.
[0020] The flower chain piece 1 forms outer curves of different shapes through a plurality of arrangements and combinations thereof to control the movement frequency of the blade group 2. In this embodiment, the rotation of the flower chain piece 1 drives the up and down movement of the blade group 2, and the amplitude of the movement is It is determined by the height of the flower chain piece 1 curve.
[0021] The connecting rod 3 forms a rotating connection with the thin guide rod 4 through a rotating pin.
[0022] The steel rod 7 penetrates into a fixed block 8, the steel rod 7 and the fixed block 8 form a sliding block structure in the connecting rod, and the fixed block 8 serves as a fixed part to limit the movement direction of the steel rod 7.
[0023] The fixed block 8 is provided with a through hole, and the steel rod 7 movably penetrates into the through hole of at least two fixed blocks 8. In this embodiment, two fixed blocks 8 are provided to form a radial direction to the steel rod 7 Limit.
[0024] Continue to refer image 3 In this embodiment, the weft needle 9 pulls the weft to the overlock needle 10. At this time, the wire rod 7 extends to the knitting opening, and the overlock needle 10 moves downward, so that the hook on the overlock needle 10 handles the weft. Pull down and pull to the wire rod 7. At this time, the weft needle 9 drives the weft back, just bypassing the wire rod 7, and when the weft is fully retracted, the wire rod 7 is pulled back, and the weft thread forms a circle; at the same time , The crochet needle 11 drives the selvedge thread and the returned weft thread to wind together, selvedge the fabric, and the lace is thus produced.
[0025] The above descriptions are only preferred embodiments of the present invention and are not used to limit the present invention. For those skilled in the art, the present invention may have various modifications and changes. Any modification, equivalent replacement, improvement, etc., made within the spirit and principle of the present invention shall be included in the protection scope of the present invention.


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