Collision buffering device of automobile seat

A buffer device and car seat technology, which is applied to vehicle seats, special positions of vehicles, vehicle components, etc., can solve problems such as disability and death, and achieve the effects of reducing injuries, reducing direct injuries, and protecting safety

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[0003] The object of the present invention is to provide an anti-collision cushioning device for the seat of the driver and passenger of a car with an anti-collision function, so as to solve the problem existing in the prior art ...
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The invention discloses a collision buffering device of an automobile seat. Linear bearings are installed on the two sides of the upper surface of a bottom plate, the two sides of a moving plate are connected to sliding parts of the linear bearings, the two sides of the front of the moving plate are connected with the outer ends of spiral springs respectively, and the inner ends of the spiral springs are connected with the bottom plate. An insertion groove/insertion grooves is/are formed in one side/two sides of the rear of the moving plate, a locking pin/locking pins corresponding to the insertion groove/insertion grooves is/are arranged at the rear of the bottom plate, and a reset spring/reset springs is/are installed on the locking pin/locking pins. The collision buffering device has the advantages that once an automobile is severely collided, an automobile body is extruded inwards, passengers dash forward under the action of inertia to pull safety belts, buckles of the safety belts pull the fixed insertion pins inside the device out of the clamping grooves, and the seat is transformed into a moving state from a fixed state. Under the action of restoring force of the spiral springs, the moving plate drives the seat to move backwards along the linear bearings by a certain distance, the seat and the passengers move synchronously, safety spaces are made in front of the passengers, and therefore it is avoided that due to extrusion, the chests and the legs of the passengers are hurt.

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Vehicle seats

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Belt safetyInertia +3


  • Collision buffering device of automobile seat
  • Collision buffering device of automobile seat


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[0008] See figure 1 with figure 2 , The present invention is a car seat impact buffer device, comprising a bottom plate 1, a moving plate 2, a volute spring 3, a linear bearing 5 and a lock pin 6. A linear bearing 5 is installed on both sides of the bottom plate 1, and the moving plate 2 The two sides are connected to the sliding part of the linear bearing 5, the front two sides of the moving plate 2 are respectively connected to the outer end of a scroll spring 3, and the inner end of the scroll spring 3 is connected to the bottom plate; behind the moving plate 2 There are slots 9 on one or both sides of the lower part, a lock pin 6 corresponding to the slot 9 is provided on the rear of the bottom plate 1, and a reset spring 7 is installed on the lock pin 6; and the movable plate 2 is provided The seat mounting holes 8 are provided with fixing holes 4 at the four corners of the bottom plate 1. The two fixing holes 4 on one side are longitudinal and horizontal long holes respectively, and the position of the bottom plate can be finely adjusted.
[0009] When the present invention is applied, firstly, the ejection device is fixed on the chassis of the automobile with bolts passing through the fixing holes 4 at the four corners of the bottom plate 1, and the seat is fixed on the mounting hole 8 at the rear of the movable plate 2. When the ejection device is opened, push forward forcefully, and the moving plate 2 compresses the scroll spring 3 into a tight state, storing elastic potential energy; then, the fixed pin 6 (under the action of the spring 7) enters both sides of the sliding plate 2 In the card slot 9 of, position the moving plate 2 and the ejection device is figure 1 Shown to be released. The upper end in the figure is the front end of the vehicle. The outer end of the fixed pin 6 is in transmission connection with the seat belt buckle.
[0010] The driver or passenger wears a seat belt after getting in the car, so that the entire system is in the preparatory stage for triggering at any time. When the vehicle crashes, the car body squeezes inward (rear), and the passengers rush forward under the action of inertia, pulling the seat belt. When the seat belt buckle is pulled hard and reaches a certain strength (for example, 30 kg), pull the pin 6 out of the slot 9. Under the action of the restoring force of the scroll spring 3, the sliding plate 2 quickly moves a certain distance backward along the linear bearing 5. The moving plate 2 drives the seat and the occupant to move synchronously, making a safe space in front of the occupant, thereby avoiding The chest and legs of the occupants were crushed and injured, protecting the safety of the people in the car.


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