Method for three-dimensional support by using long, medium, and short anchor rods

A medium-length anchor rod and anchor rod technology, which is applied in the installation of anchor rods, earthwork drilling, mining equipment, etc., can solve the problems of short self-stabilization period, increased support difficulty, poor engineering stability, etc., to maintain its own strength Effect

Inactive Publication Date: 2015-12-16
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[0003] Due to the poor engineering stability of the soft rock roadway, the short self-stabilization period and the characteristic of pressure display, once the roadway is excavated, the interbedded mudstone and sandstone on the roof will be destroyed due to delamination in depth and weathering. In order to avoid the roadway roof caving, Roof bolt support must be carried out immediately within 0.5-1.5 hours of roadway excavation, and because the surrounding rock has the characteristics of st...
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The invention relates to a method for three-dimensional support by using long, medium, and short anchor rods. The method comprises first support and second support. The second support comprises: (1) applying short anchor rods to control surface surrounding rocks, to form a stable bearing arch to anchor and support; (2) applying medium-length anchor rods, to anchor the bearing arch formed by the short anchor rods on a relatively stable rock stratum, and forming a new thickened bearing arch at the same time, so the bearing arch becomes stable; (3) applying long anchor rods to further anchor the above bearing arches on a stable rock stratum. The method is advantaged in that characteristics of soft rocks determine that support of the soft rocks must be rapid and timely, and surrounding rocks are effectively sealed, to put an end to a channel which may continue weathering and peeling, strength of the surrounding rocks are maintained to the largest extent, so after roadway driving, rapid support with certain strength must be performed, and the surrounding rocks are sealed in time, to put an end to a channel which absorbs water and expands, thereby achieving an objective of roadway support.

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Anchoring bolts

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EngineeringRock bolt +1


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[0010] The present invention will be further described below in conjunction with specific embodiments, and the advantages and features of the present invention will become clearer with the description. However, these embodiments are only exemplary and do not constitute any limitation to the scope of the present invention. Those skilled in the art should understand that the details and forms of the technical solution of the invention can be modified or replaced without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention, but these modifications and replacements fall within the protection scope of the invention .
[0011] The invention relates to a three-dimensional support method using long, medium and short bolts, including:
[0012] (1) Primary support: anchor net spraying, row spacing between full-section bolts = 800×800mm, spray thickness 100~120mm;
[0013] (2) Secondary support: It is the three-dimensional support of anchor beams and reinforcing anchor rods, the distance between anchor beams is 1000mm, and the row spacing between reinforcing anchor rods = 800×800mm; the said reinforcing anchor rods include short anchor rods, Medium and long bolts; short bolts are used to control the surface surrounding rock to form a stable pressure-bearing arch for anchoring support;
[0014] Use medium and long bolts to anchor the pressure-bearing arch formed by short bolts to relatively stable rock formations, and at the same time form a new thicker pressure-bearing arch to make it more stable; use long bolts to reduce the aforementioned pressure-bearing arch The arch is further anchored to the stable rock formation.
[0015] The short anchor is a rebar with a length of 2250mm; the medium-long anchor is a rebar with a length of 2500-3000mm; the long anchor is a rebar with a length of 3500-4000mm Anchor rod.
[0016] The use of this process prevents the two banks of spray bodies from delamination and internal squeezing and damage, and reduces the secondary repair rate of the roadway.


Length2500.0 ~ 3000.0mm
Length3500.0 ~ 4000.0mm

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