Front damper locking device of charging car

A technology of locking device and front baffle, which is applied in charging device, petroleum industry, coke oven, etc., can solve the problem of coal leakage from the front baffle, and achieve the effect of solving coal leakage.

Inactive Publication Date: 2016-08-17
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[0003] The purpose of the present invention is to overcome the shortcomings of the prior art, provide a front baffle locking dev...
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The invention discloses a front damper locking device of a charging car, relates to a vertical tamping coke oven charging car and aims at solving the technical problem of coal leak of a front damper of an existing charging car. The front damper locking device disclosed by the invention is characterized in that one end of a front damper drive oil cylinder is articulated on a fixed wall, and the other end is articulated on a front damper; a positioning plate is welded on the front damper; a locking oil cylinder bracket is welded on a movable wall; a locking oil cylinder is fixed on the locking oil cylinder bracket; the head part of a piston rod of the locking oil cylinder is connected with a wedge-shaped bolt shaft through a thread; a positioning seat is welded on the movable wall; the front damper consists of a front damper frame and an oblique frame; and the oblique frame is welded on one side of the front damper frame close to the movable wall and the fixed wall. Compared with the prior art, a mature way of rotary opening/closing accompanied by the wedge bolt is adopted for the front damper locking device; and meanwhile, by adding the structure of the oblique frame to the front damper, the problem of coal leak of the front damper is effectively solved.

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Charging devices

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CoalEngineering +3


  • Front damper locking device of charging car
  • Front damper locking device of charging car
  • Front damper locking device of charging car


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[0011] The technical solutions of the present invention will be clearly and completely described below with reference to the accompanying drawings. Obviously, the described embodiments are only a part of the present invention. Based on the embodiments of the present invention, those of ordinary skill in the art have not made creative work premises. The other embodiments obtained below all belong to the protection scope of the present invention.
[0012] Such as figure 1 , figure 2 , image 3 , Figure 4 As shown, a front baffle locking device of a coal loading truck includes: a front baffle 1, a front baffle drive cylinder 2, a movable wall 4 and a fixed wall 3, and one end of the front baffle drive cylinder 2 is hinged On the fixed wall 3, the other end is hinged on the front baffle 1, a positioning plate 5 is welded on the front baffle 1, and a locking cylinder bracket 8 is welded on the movable wall 4, and the locking A lock cylinder 7 is fixed on the cylinder bracket 8 with a bolt 10, a nut 11, and a washer 12. The piston rod head of the lock cylinder 7 is threaded with a wedge-shaped pin shaft 9, and the movable wall 4 is welded with a positioning seat 6, The front baffle 1 is composed of a front baffle frame 13 and an inclined frame 14, and the inclined frame 14 is welded to a side of the front baffle frame 13 close to the movable wall 4 and the fixed wall 3.
[0013] When the front baffle 1 needs to be locked, the front baffle drive cylinder 2 is extended, the front baffle 1 is closed, the positioning circular hole on the positioning plate 5 coincides with the positioning circular hole on the positioning seat 6, the locking cylinder 7 is extended, and the wedge shape The pin shaft 9 is inserted into the positioning circular hole. Because the wedge-shaped plug 9 has a guiding and adjusting function, even if the positioning plate 5 and the positioning circular hole on the positioning seat 6 are not completely overlapped, they can be inserted through adjustment. So as to achieve the locking of the front baffle.


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