Traditional Chinese medicine capillary artemisia and fleece-flower root ground hair soap

A technology of chenshouwu and shampoo soap, which is applied in the field of shampoo soap of Yinchen shouwu traditional Chinese medicine grinding, can solve the problems of unsatisfactory effect, few shampoo soap varieties, can not satisfy consumers, etc. Hair growth and scalp improvement effect

Inactive Publication Date: 2017-02-22
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[0003] Now many people suffer from seborrheic alopecia, the treatment of seborrheic alopecia should first pay attention to hair care and care, in addition to paying attention to diet and maintaini...
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Method used

The 3rd step:, sodium hydroxide is put into the stainless steel cup that Chinese medicinal liquid is housed to dissolve completely, a...
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The invention relates to traditional Chinese medicine capillary artemisia and fleece-flower root ground hair soap. The hair soap comprises prepared cold soap and liquid medicine, the prepared cold soap comprises, by weight, 75 parts of coconut oil, 50 parts of palm oil, 300g of camellia oil, 50 parts of castor oil, 25 parts of jojoba oil, 63 parts of sodium hydroxide, 400 parts of liquid medicine (water phase), 158 parts of the water phase. The liquid medicine comprises, by weight, 50 parts of capillary artemisia, 20 parts of radix sophorae flavescentis, 20 parts of motherwort, 20 parts of folium artemisiae argyi, and 50 parts of prepared fleece-flower root. The manually ground soap is kneaded and ground in the late stage after the cold soap is made, so that the hair soap is smooth and soft, and is capable of promoting hair growth, controlling oil, washing off scurf, moistening hair, effectively improving scalp, and preventing seborrheic alopecia.

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Hair cosmeticsShaping soap +2

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Hair streamsDandruff +14


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Example Embodiment

[0013] The following examples further illustrate the present invention: a Chinese herbal medicine grinding shampoo soap of Yinchen Shouwu: its main components include mature cold soap and its traditional Chinese medicine liquid, mature cold soap components and their weight ratio are coconut oil 75, palm Oil 50, camellia oil 300, castor oil 50, jojoba oil 25, sodium hydroxide 63, Chinese medicinal liquid 400, the raw material components of Chinese medicinal liquid and their weight ratios are: Yinchen 50, Sophora flavescens 20, Motherwort 20 , Ai Ye 20, Shouwu 50.
[0014] In this embodiment, the manufacturing method of the Chinese herbal medicine grinding shampoo soap of Yinchenshouwu has the following steps:
[0015] The first step: decoction of Chinese medicinal liquid, according to the weight ratio of Chinese medicinal liquid, respectively weigh 50 grams of Yinchen, 20 grams of Sophora flavescens, 20 grams of motherwort, 20 grams of wormwood, and 50 grams of Shouwu. , Soak in water, fry twice, combine 400 grams of filtered juice.
[0016] Step 2: Weigh 63 grams of sodium hydroxide and 158 grams of traditional Chinese medicine;
[0017] Step 3: Gently put the sodium hydroxide into the stainless steel cup containing the Chinese medicine solution to completely dissolve it, and put the stainless steel cup into the ice cube to prevent the temperature from rising too fast when the alkali is dissolved, and keep the lye at about 40℃ ;
[0018] The fourth step is to weigh coconut oil 75, palm oil 50, camellia oil 300 g, castor oil 50, jojoba oil 25, and melt them evenly with a small fire, and wait until the temperature of the oil and the sodium hydroxide solution are at 40°C When left and right, pour the alkaline water into the grease little by little, stir to make it evenly mixed, and stir until the soap appears thick. It is best to put the soap into the mold when it can write and not disappear. Place it for 5 It can be demoulded in about days, and it can be stored in a dry and ventilated place without light for about 5 weeks to make it further saponified to obtain mature cold handmade soap;
[0019] The fifth step is to plan mature cold soap into thin crumbs, spread a layer of soap crumbs, spray a layer of traditional Chinese medicine liquid, and repeat this step until the soap crumbs are spread. Cover the lid and let stand for 24 hours to let the soap crumbs fully Inhale the traditional Chinese medicine liquid, put the soaked soap thread in a mortar, grind the soap thread into a fine soap mud with a grinding rod, mix the traditional Chinese medicine liquid with the cold soap fully, put it into the mold, and leave it for about 5 days to release it. Store it in a dry and ventilated place without light for about 3 weeks, and let it dry into a finished product.
[0020] The hand-milled soap of the present invention adds a later stage of kneading and grinding process after the cold soap-making process is completed. The soap is delicate and has a soft wash feeling. It cleans the scalp, promotes hair growth, controls oil, removes dandruff, moisturizes hair, and is effective Improve the scalp and prevent seborrheic alopecia.


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