Detachable family traveling luggage case

A luggage and family technology, applied in the field of luggage for family travel, can solve the problems of low safety factor, high physical exertion, and difficulty in collaboration, and achieve the effects of flexible use and simple structure

Active Publication Date: 2017-09-22
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Problems solved by technology

[0005] The present invention provides a detachable suitcase for family travel. By transforming the existing suitcase, structural and technical problems are solved, so that each family member can use it safe...
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Method used

Referring to accompanying drawing 1-3, described detachable family travel suitcase is stacked combination structure in a staggered manner, comprises mother box main body 1, sub-box main body 13, connects mother box A and sub-box by connecting buckle 11 Box B is a combined type when the luggage needs to be transported as a whole, and a split type when the sub-box and the main box need to be used separately. The main innovation of the mother box A is to carry the child and take things conveniently. When it is necessary to carry the child, place the child on the seat cushion 8 of the mother box A, support the child's back with the raised backboard 6, and pull out the safety belt 9 from the top of the backboard , go around the child's shoulders to the safety belt buckle 10 between the legs to fix. Here, the back board 6 is made of the same material as the seat cushion 8, both of which are made of soft rubber, making it more comfortable for children to sit on; the convenient storage space generally stores some obj...
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The invention belongs to the technical field of storage and transportation, and relates to a detachable family traveling luggage case which comprises a primary box and a secondary box serving as two main components. The primary box is provided with a baby carrying seat, the baby carrying seat is provided with a supporting backup plate, a safety belt and safety fasteners, a side door is provided with an independent opening cover, so that frequently used articles are conveniently taken, pulling-type sliding plate connected with traveling wheels is arranged at the bottom of the secondary box, and children can independently and freely use the secondary box. According to the luggage case, convenient and fast transportation and storage are achieved in an assembled and disassembled manner, rapid storage is achieved, easy transportation is achieved, the luggage case has the advantages that the luggage case is simple in structure, safe, stable and flexible to use, and luggage case is suitable for market popularization.

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  • Detachable family traveling luggage case
  • Detachable family traveling luggage case
  • Detachable family traveling luggage case


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Example Embodiment

[0018] Example 1:
[0019] A detachable suitcase for family travel
[0020] See attached Figure 1-3 , The detachable family travel luggage is a staggered stacking combination structure, including a mother box body 1, a sub box body 13, and the mother box A and the child box B are connected by a connecting buckle 11. When the luggage needs to be transported as a whole When it is a combined type, when it is necessary to use the sub box and the mother box separately, it is a split type. The main innovation of the mother box A is to carry the baby and easy to take things. It is necessary to place the child on the seat cushion 8 of the mother box A when the child is brought. The backrest 6 is turned up to support the child's back, and the safety belt 9 is pulled out from the upper part of the backrest. , The seat belt buckle 10 around the child's shoulders to the middle of the legs is fixed. Here the backing board 6 and the seat cushion 8 are made of the same material, and both use soft rubber material to make children more comfortable when sitting on it; the convenient storage space generally stores some items that need to be frequently retrieved and put back, and it is convenient to retrieve and open the cover 5 It is embedded in the mother box cover 2 through the rotating shaft structure, and the cover can be opened by turning the convenient access opening cover 5 from the side when taking items. When there is no need to carry a child, the backrest 6 can be folded down and retracted, and the seat belt 9 is elastic, and the seat belt 9 can be retracted automatically after the buckle 10 is released. The mother box cover 2 is connected with the mother box main body 1 through a rotating shaft. The side of the mother box A has a box lock 7 structure. After the mother box cover 2 is closed, the safety of the contents in the box is guaranteed by this structure; when the mother box A is placed horizontally , The four supports 19 can prevent the box body from damaging the box body by friction with the ground; when lifting the mother box A horizontally, the handle 12 on the side of the mother box A can be used for easy lifting.
[0021] When sub box B is used alone, children can use the box for storage and transportation. When storing, open the sub box cover 14 for use. When transporting, it can be pulled by the retractable pull-out sub box pull rod 18 for transportation, and it can also be deformed As an entertainment tool for the scooter, the skateboard 17 is drawn out from the bottom of the sub-box B when in use, where the skateboard 17 is connected with the two rear wheels of the sub-box B to be drawn out and retracted at the same time.


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