Rubber-plastic pad with foaming plate, capable of preventing urine wetting and tumbling

A rubber-plastic foaming and foaming board technology, which is applied to children's furniture, carpets, household appliances, etc., can solve the problems of the floor being not easy to absorb water and deform, and achieve the effects of avoiding pollution, removing the odor of urine, and reducing secondary pollution.

Inactive Publication Date: 2017-09-22
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Problems solved by technology

The present invention has the advantages of being easy to clean and the floor is not...
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Method used

Principle of work: the present invention can not only be spliced ​​and assembled by dovetail buckle 2, can also make urine flow to water absorption 3 layers to be absorbed by leakage hole 6, has avoided the pollution to floor; By arranging cone 4, can be to Make a diversion for the urine and separate the infants from the urine to reduce secondary pollution; by setting the inclined surface 7 extending obliquely upward on the outer periphery of the top surface of the foam board 1, the urine that falls on the buckle joint can be prevented. ...
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A rubber-plastic pad with a foaming plate, capable of preventing urine wetting and tumbling comprises the foaming plate (1), wherein a dovetail-shaped clamping buckle (2) is disposed on the peripheral edge of the foaming plate (1); a water absorption layer (3) is disposed under the foaming plate (1); multiple cones (4) which are arranged in arrays are disposed on the foaming plate (1); a round corner (5) is disposed on the tip end of each cone (4); water leak holes (6) are formed in the foaming plate (1); and an inclined face extending obliquely upwards (7) is disposed on circumferences of the top face of the foaming plate (1). The pad also comprises a plastic film (8), wherein the plastic film (8) coats the bottom face and lateral walls of the water absorption layer (3); evaporation holes (9) are formed in the plastic film (8); an openable film sheet (10) is disposed on the evaporation holes (9); and a deodorant (11) is disposed in the water absorption layer (3). The pad provided by the invention has the advantages that cleaning is easy after urine wetting of an infant or child; and a floor does not get deformed easily due to water absorption.

Application Domain

Children furnitureFloor carpets

Technology Topic

Plastic filmWetting +3


  • Rubber-plastic pad with foaming plate, capable of preventing urine wetting and tumbling
  • Rubber-plastic pad with foaming plate, capable of preventing urine wetting and tumbling
  • Rubber-plastic pad with foaming plate, capable of preventing urine wetting and tumbling


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Example Embodiment

[0016] The present invention will be further described below in conjunction with the drawings and embodiments, but it is not a basis for limiting the present invention.
[0017] Examples. A rubber-plastic foam board diaper-resistant anti-drop pad, such as figure 1 , figure 2 with image 3 As shown, it includes a foamed board 1, the outer peripheral edge of the foamed board 1 is provided with a dovetail buckle 2, a water-absorbing layer 3 is arranged under the foamed board 1, and a plurality of arrayed cones are arranged above the foamed board 1. 4. The tip of the cone 4 is provided with a rounded corner 5.
[0018] The bottoms of the adjacent cones 4 overlap each other, and the lowest part of the overlap is provided with a water leakage hole 6 penetrating the foam plate 1.
[0019] The outer periphery of the top surface of the foamed board 1 is provided with an inclined surface 7 extending obliquely upward.
[0020] It also includes a layer of plastic film 8 which covers the bottom and side walls of the water absorbing layer 3. The plastic film 8 is provided with an evaporation hole 9, and the evaporation hole 9 is provided with a flip-up diaphragm 10.
[0021] The water absorption layer 3 is provided with a calcium chloride deodorant 11, and the calcium chloride reacts with ammonia in the urine to eliminate the odor.
[0022] Working principle: The present invention can not only be combined by the dovetail buckle 2 splicing, but also can make the urine flow through the leak hole 6 to the water absorption layer 3 to be absorbed, avoiding the pollution of the floor; by setting the cone 4, the urine can be treated A diversion separates infants and urine from the urine, reducing secondary pollution; by providing an obliquely upwardly extending inclined surface 7 on the outer periphery of the top surface of the foam board 1, the urine spilled on the buckle joint can be prevented from falling The inside of the pad flows out to reduce the flow of urine to the floor through the buckle joint; the plastic film with evaporation holes 9 can isolate the mutual pollution between the two boards through the side wall, and the plastic film can be opened when the anti-fall pad is wet The film on 8 can dry the anti-drop pad and can be reused; by arranging the deodorizer 11 in the water-absorbing layer 3, the odor of urine can be effectively removed and the odor in the reused anti-drop pad can be removed.
[0023] Therefore, the present invention has the advantages that it is easy to clean and the floor is not easily deformed by water absorption after being wet by infants and young children.


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