Medical education internship management system

A management system and medical education technology, applied in the field of medical education practice management system, can solve the problems of difficult storage, heavy workload, difficult coordination and synchronization, etc., and achieve the effect of high intelligence, quality improvement and teaching quality

Inactive Publication Date: 2018-11-06
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Problems solved by technology

The cycle is long, the workload is heavy, and the school takes up a lot of manpower
[0007] ②The hospital practice scheduling process is different from the school plan, which makes it difficult to coordinate and synchronize, resulting in confusion in the school practice plan, lack of communication between the school and the hospital, and the inability to make timely adjustments
[0008] ③The whole pract...
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The invention discloses a medical education internship management system, which comprises a master control unit, a school client side, a hospital client side and an APP (Application) client side, wherein the master control unit is independently connected with the school client side, the hospital client side and the APP client side. The system is high in an intelligentizing degree, fully considersand meets a condition of student internship requirements under a cost-optimal condition from a perspective of total quality management, and carries out delicacy management service on a medical internship overall process, so that the clinical teachers, the students and teaching management personnel of each internship department of school medical education as well as the clinical teachers, the interns, the department directors, the hospital education departments and the like of hospitals participate in and simultaneously accept management, management can realize normalization, scientization, processization and standardization, and teaching and internship quality can be improved.

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Example Embodiment

[0026] The technical solutions in the embodiments of the present invention will be clearly and completely described below in conjunction with the accompanying drawings in the embodiments of the present invention. Obviously, the described embodiments are only a part of the embodiments of the present invention, rather than all the embodiments. Based on the embodiments of the present invention, all other embodiments obtained by those of ordinary skill in the art without creative work shall fall within the protection scope of the present invention.
[0027] See figure 1 , The present invention provides a technical solution: a medical education practice management system, including a main control unit 1, a school client 2, a hospital client 3, and an APP client 4. The main control unit 1 is respectively connected to the school client 2 , Hospital client 3, APP client 4;
[0028] The school client 2 includes an internship arrangement unit 5, a safety insurance management unit 6, an internship process management unit 7, a school information release unit 8, a data summary statistics unit 9, a basic data setting unit 10, and a system management unit 11;
[0029] The hospital client 3 includes an attendance management unit 12, an internship management unit 13, an application approval unit 14, an examination management unit 15, a department task unit 16, a teaching evaluation unit 17, an internship assistant unit 18, and a hospital information release unit 19;
[0030] The APP client 4 includes an internship application unit 20, an internship insurance reporting unit 21, an item approval unit 22, an internship log unit 23, a positioning sign-in unit 24, a leave application unit 25, an internship information query unit 26, and a teaching evaluation management unit 27 , Announcement Information Unit 28, Employment Information Filling Unit 29.
[0031] Among them, in the present invention, the school client includes an internship arrangement module, an internship process module, a summary statistics module, a basic data setting module, and a system management module. Among them, the basic data setting module includes the school organization structure management, which is flexible according to the school organization information. Set basic data structure information, student information management, school faculty management, cooperative hospital management, and internship outline; the system management module includes user management, user authority role assignment, parameter setting, coding format setting, department management, teaching organization management, and system Log records and information release; internship arrangements include internship plans: this module includes online internship plans; internship plans can be sent to relevant hospitals in batches, and internship plans can be deleted in batches. Support professional application settings; professional demand allocation: professional needs are allocated to classes in batches; internship application: students can apply for internship hospitals online, and support applications for 5 internship hospitals. Students who do not have an internship hospital can apply multiple times; student internship Arrangement and list management: batch push list of student internship requirements to relevant hospitals, and support for online viewing of student internship arrangements; reincarnation table management: student hospital internship rebirth table management, which can be pushed to the hospital; student insurance management: this module provides During the student internship period, the registration of collective insurance and personal insurance self-information registration and other functions.
[0032] In the present invention, the hospital client includes an intern client, a teaching doctor, a department director, and a science and education administrator; the intern client includes a user information registration module, a data information module, an attendance management module, an examination module, Department task module and internship assistant module; among them, user information registration module: students who participate in the internship can register their account through this system and fill in the real information before they can connect with the school internship management system; after the student fills in the complete information, the system automatically matches the school Information such as the rotation table and internship outline for the student; data information module: After the student's data is successfully bound, the student can view the basic information, the rotation table information prepared by the school and the internship outline formulated by the school; attendance management module: this module Including location sign-in, attendance re-entry, request/cancel leave, my attendance, etc. The exam module mainly includes theory exam and practical exam. Interns can view the final results of theoretical exams and practical exams; the department task modules include small lectures, teaching rounds, case discussions, operation teaching, film reading meetings, etc. Interns can view the status of department tasks, and can teach The teacher evaluates; the internship assistant module mainly includes rotation table, schedule table, entry education, theory class, open class, log, transfer application, insurance management, employment tracking, notice announcement, internship application.
[0033] The teaching doctor terminal includes an approval module, a department task module, an examination management module, and a teaching assistant module;
[0034] The director of the department includes an approval module and a teaching assistant module;
[0035] The science and education administrator includes an approval module, an internship summary module, and a teaching assistant module. The teaching assistant module includes process settings such as formulating rounds of subject schedules, entry education settings, teaching tasks settings, exit assessment settings, department management, partner school management, faculty management, intern management, announcements, and leave.
[0036] In addition, with the popularization of smart terminals and the rise of mobile Internet, mobile APP has shown incomparable convenience on the PC side in information management work. This system APP supports mainstream smart phone operating systems and realizes the extension of some functions of the system. , According to the logged-in user role, APP automatically presents the business functions related to the role. The specific function design is as follows: Notice announcement: Notice announcement announcement and reading; Attendance sign-in: the student's attendance location location sign-in during the internship in the hospital; admission: according to the internship position to the internship site for department registration; out of the department: students complete all internship tasks Carry out department operation; internship summary: task summary, internship summary submission, teacher/supervising physician evaluation; diary weekly: internship diary weekly diary editing and submission; teacher evaluation diary weekly diary.
[0037] In summary, the present invention has a high degree of intelligence, starting from the concept of total quality management, under the most economical conditions, fully considering and satisfying the requirements of student internships, providing refined management services for the whole process of medical internship, so that school medicine Teaching teachers, students, teaching administrators from various departments of education internship, as well as teaching doctors, interns, department directors, and medical education departments of the hospital, all participate and receive management at the same time, so that management can be standardized, scientific, process-oriented and standardized. Improve the quality of teaching and practice; the present invention can provide data support for school decision-making. Realize effective statistics and analysis of various data, users can obtain effective statistical data according to their needs, so that the school has a large number of basic data support for decision-making in management and development; effective breakthroughs in difficult problems in clinical practice management , Break the conventional paper management. Solve difficult problems such as difficulty in job assignment, difficulty in student attendance, and troublesome procedures for students to leave the department. The system has used multiple modules to strictly control the entire internship process, and collect the data generated during the process; in addition, the system provides customized solutions for clinical internship assessment indicators, intuitively assessing students' internships, and for instructors, Guide the evaluation of the doctor's work. Improve the quality of teaching and train qualified medical workers; in addition, the present invention can meet the needs of various users, use the system as a link, strengthen the communication between schools, students and hospitals, and achieve a comprehensive and comprehensive implementation of the process. Multi-angle monitoring and management.
[0038] Although the embodiments of the present invention have been shown and described, those of ordinary skill in the art can understand that various changes, modifications, and substitutions can be made to these embodiments without departing from the principle and spirit of the present invention. And variations, the scope of the present invention is defined by the appended claims and their equivalents.


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