Four edge overlock machine

A four-sided machine and side-sewing technology, which is applied in the direction of cloth feeding mechanism, sewing machine components, textiles and papermaking, etc., can solve the problem of sewing pattern collapse and achieve the effect of preventing thread collapse

Pending Publication Date: 2018-12-04
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[0002] Take the general quilt as an example. After the quilt is stitched by the quilting machine, the hemming process can be performed. However, if the quilt is too thick or the quilted pattern is ...
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The invention discloses a four edge overlock machine, including a material storage device, a cutting while sewing device, a transverse cutting transverse sewing device, and a transmission device. Themachine is characterized in that an accessory completed by quilting of a quilter enters the material storage device of the four edge overlock machine. The device is used to join use of two machines, and is mainly responsible for auxiliary overlock of process stitches, and sewn edges become thin, providing convenience for next step sewing, and preventing thread breaking when sewing a pattern.

Application Domain

Workpiece carriersWork-feeding means

Technology Topic

EngineeringMaterial storage


  • Four edge overlock machine
  • Four edge overlock machine


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Example Embodiment

[0009] The following describes the present invention in detail in conjunction with the accompanying drawings. The four-sided lock machine includes a material storage device 1, a side-cutting and side-sewing device 2, a cross-cutting and transverse sewing device 3, and a transmission device 4. The auxiliary materials quilted by the quilting machine enter the lock In the material storage device 1 of the quadrilateral machine, this device is used to connect two machines and store redundant auxiliary materials due to different working efficiencies. When the storage is full or empty, the sensor signal will be triggered to control the quadrilateral machine or quilting machine. Stop and wait, the auxiliary material enters the edge cutting and sewing device 2 for sewing edge creasing, and the sewing machine head performs sewing. There is a cutting knife behind the sewing machine head, which will carry out crimping and edge trimming according to the required margin, and one side of the knife and the sewing machine can be moved Sewing auxiliary materials of different widths, when the auxiliary materials pass through the edge cutting and sewing device 2, they will keep moving forward. The transmission device 4 is a transmission component machine, and the auxiliary materials will always move forward through the transmission device 4. After reaching the set length, the cross-cutting and cross-sewing device 3 starts to sew and cut horizontally. At the same time, the cutting and sewing device 2 stops and waits. Send it away, work in a cycle in turn, and see the semi-finished quilt after sewing figure 2.
[0010] In summary, the content of the present invention is not limited to the above-mentioned embodiments, and people of insight in the same field can easily propose other embodiments within the technical guidance of the present invention, but this implementation does not included within the scope of the present invention.


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