Socket having plug auxiliary function

A technology of auxiliary functions and plugs, which is applied to the base/housing, components of connecting devices, electrical components, etc., and can solve problems such as no plugs

Inactive Publication Date: 2019-11-05
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The existing socket has no plug auxiliary function. When the plug and the sock...
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The invention relates to a socket having a plug auxiliary function. The socket having the plug auxiliary function comprises a base and a socket core; the socket core is arranged on the base; the socket having the plug auxiliary function is characterized in that a slot is arranged at the position of the base at the lower part of the socket core; a plug support plate is also arranged; one end of theplug support plate is provided with a bump matched with the slot; the bump of the plug support plate is inserted in to the slot in the base; and thus, the plug support plate is inserted and fixed onthe base. The socket having the plug auxiliary function in the invention is reasonable and simple in structure, easy to produce and manufacture and convenient to use. When the socket having the plug auxiliary function in the invention is used, a plug is inserted into the socket base; the plug is also supported on the plug support plate; and thus, a role of stabilizing is played.

Application Domain

Couplings bases/casesCoupling parts mounting

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EngineeringMechanical engineering


  • Socket having plug auxiliary function


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Example Embodiment

[0015] The present invention will be further explained below in conjunction with the accompanying drawings and the accompanying description.
[0016] A socket with plug auxiliary function, comprising a base 1 and a socket core 2 arranged on the base 1; a socket 3 is arranged at the base 1 under the socket 2; a plug support plate 4 is also arranged, and the plug One end of the support board 4 is provided with a protrusion 5 that matches the slot 3; the protrusion 5 of the plug support board 4 is inserted into the slot 3 on the base 1, so that the plug support board 4 is inserted and fixed on the base 1. .
[0017] Further, the side of the plug support plate 4 facing the socket core 2 is provided with a non-slip layer. The socket core 2 is connected to the base 1 by snap connection. Mounting threaded holes are provided on the four sides of the base 1. A number of anti-skid protrusions are provided in the slot 3. A fluorescent layer 6 is arranged around the front surface of the base 1, and the fluorescent layer 6 is embedded in the base 1.


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