System and method for early warning of automobile trunk

A technology for trunks and automobiles, which is applied to the operating mechanism of wing sashes, door/window fittings, buildings, etc., and can solve potential safety hazards, large travel for opening or closing the trunk, and the trunk of the car hitting a wall, a pillar or a pedestrian. and other problems to achieve the effect of improving safety, preventing collisions or injuring pedestrians

Inactive Publication Date: 2019-12-03
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[0003] However, in the general application process of the automatic opening function of the trunk of a car, the safety issues during the opening or closing of the trunk are not fully considered, especially for small trucks or...
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Method used

In the present invention, the process of opening and closing the trunk of the car is monitored by a plurality of environmental sensors distributed around the...
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The invention discloses a system for early warning of an automobile trunk. The system comprises an automobile body electronic system, an environment sensor, a processing module and a prompting module,wherein the environment sensor, the processing module and the prompting module are sequentially connected through signal wires, and the processing module is sequentially connected with the automobilebody electronic system through wires. The invention further discloses a method for early warning of the automobile trunk. According to the system and method, when the automobile trunk is opened or closed, the trunk can be prevented from colliding with the outside.

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Power-operated mechanismSignalling/lighting devices

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Automotive engineeringEnvironmental sensor +1


  • System and method for early warning of automobile trunk
  • System and method for early warning of automobile trunk


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Example Embodiment

[0027] See figure 1 with figure 2 , The present invention is an automobile trunk warning system, including
[0028] Body electronic system, used to control the opening or closing of the drive trunk;
[0029] The environmental sensor is used to monitor the distance between the obstacles around the trunk and any point on the trajectory of opening or closing the trunk; the environmental sensor is an ultrasonic distance sensor, which monitors the distance between the obstacle and the sensor by means of ultrasonic detection;
[0030] The processing module is used to receive the distance information sent by the environmental sensor, determine the minimum distance between the obstacle and the trunk opening or closing trajectory, and compare the minimum distance with a threshold value, and if the minimum distance is less than the threshold value, a request warning is issued information;
[0031] The prompt module is used to receive the request warning message sent by the processing module and issue a warning prompt;
[0032] The environmental sensor, the processing module, and the prompt module are connected in sequence through signal wires, and the processing module is also connected in sequence with the body electronic system through wires.
[0033] There are multiple environmental sensors, and they are arranged around the trunk, and then the trunk moves synchronously; each environmental sensor independently monitors the distance between itself and the obstacle around the trunk, because when any environmental sensor detects the obstacle If the distance of an object exceeds the threshold, an alarm should be triggered, so each distance value generated by each environmental sensor can be used as a simple data pool without coding.
[0034] The prompt module includes a prompt unit in the vehicle and a prompt unit outside the vehicle.
[0035] The warning prompt is sound information.
[0036] A method for car's trunk warning, including the following steps:
[0037] a. After the vehicle body electronic system issues a command to open or close the trunk, the environmental sensor immediately starts working;
[0038] b. When the trunk is opened or closed, each environmental sensor monitors the distance Li between the obstacles around the trunk and the sensor (i is the number of the sensor);
[0039] c. The environmental sensor sends the distance value Li monitored in step a to the processing module;
[0040] d. The processing module filters out the minimum value Lim from the received distance value Li, and calculates the difference L between Lim and the set threshold D, that is, L=Lim-D; if L≤0, the processing module The prompt module sends out an alarm prompt request, and at the same time, the processing module sends an emergency stop request to the body electronic system; if L>0, the processing module does not send any request, and the processing module continues to receive the real-time distance value sent by the environmental sensor for cyclic judgment; In the present invention, the threshold D is 5 cm.
[0041] e. After the prompt module receives the alarm prompt request issued by the processing module, the prompt unit inside the vehicle and the prompt unit outside the vehicle emit a prompt sound simultaneously;
[0042] f. After receiving the alert request from the processing module, the body electronic system controls the trunk to stop at the current position;
[0043] g. If the trunk is successfully opened or closed to the end position, the environmental sensor stops working.
[0044] The present invention, through the process of opening and closing the trunk of the car, is monitored through a plurality of environmental sensors distributed around the trunk, which can effectively prevent the trunk from colliding with the external surrounding obstacles or hurting pedestrians, and improves The safety of the car.
[0045] The above-mentioned embodiment is an illustration of the present invention, but not a limitation of the present invention. Any solution after a simple modification of the present invention belongs to the protection scope of the present invention.


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