Facility site selection method and system based on encrypted position data

A facility and data technology, applied in data processing applications, digital data protection, electronic digital data processing, etc., can solve problems such as the inability of site selection to meet requirements, enterprises have no right to obtain them, etc., to protect privacy, improve accuracy, guarantee The effect of information security

Active Publication Date: 2020-06-16
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[0004] The inventors of the present disclosure found that k-means clustering calculation based on the customer's location is a typical method to solve the above problems, but the cus...
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The invention provides a facility site selection method and system based on encrypted position data, a clustering calculation party, an auxiliary calculation party and a plurality of position providers. The clustering calculation party and the auxiliary calculation party cannot collude, and an enterprise can obtain an equipment site selection result but cannot obtain position information of any client; the auxiliary computing party only provides an auxiliary computing service and cannot obtain an equipment site selection result, the position of a client, other intermediate results and relatedinformation; according to the method, the client encrypts the position data before sharing the position data, so that privacy is protected, an enterprise can perform clustering calculation by utilizing the encrypted position data, the construction position of the facility is obtained, and the accuracy of facility site selection is greatly improved.

Application Domain

Character and pattern recognitionDigital data protection +1

Technology Topic

Location dataData mining +4


  • Facility site selection method and system based on encrypted position data
  • Facility site selection method and system based on encrypted position data
  • Facility site selection method and system based on encrypted position data


  • Experimental program(2)

Example Embodiment

[0053] Example 1:
[0054] Such as figure 1 As shown, Embodiment 1 of the present disclosure provides a facility location method based on encrypted location data. The Paillier homomorphic encryption scheme is used to encrypt location data. Any encryption scheme with additive homomorphic properties can also be used instead.
[0055] The Paillier homomorphic encryption scheme is an additive homomorphic encryption scheme that only supports the addition of ciphertext. However, in clustering calculations, multiplication and comparison operations are required, which is not supported by Paillier's homomorphic encryption scheme. This embodiment solves the above problems by introducing an independent auxiliary computing party and designing a corresponding secure computing protocol.
[0056] In this embodiment, the entities involved include: a number of location providers (customers), a clustering computing party (a company with equipment location requirements), and an auxiliary computing party (any independent public cloud computing service can be used, such as Alibaba Cloud, Amazon Cloud, Tencent Cloud, etc.) require that the clustering computing party and the auxiliary computing party cannot collude. By using the location selection method described in this embodiment, the enterprise can obtain the results of device location selection, but cannot obtain any customer location information. The auxiliary calculation party only provides auxiliary calculation services, and cannot obtain the results of equipment location, the location of customers, and other intermediate results and related information.
[0057] The specific method is as follows:
[0058] (1) Paillier homomorphic encryption scheme
[0059] The Paillier homomorphic encryption scheme is a public key encryption scheme that supports additive homomorphic operations. The scheme contains 3 algorithms:
[0060] KeyGen(1 k )→pk,sk: the key generation algorithm. Choose two large prime numbers p and q, where |p|=|q|=1 k , Calculate N=pq and Output public key pk=N and private key sk=λ;
[0061] Enc(pk,m)→[m]: the encryption algorithm. With public key pk=N, plaintext m∈Z N For input, choose a random Calculate ciphertext
[0062] Dec(sk,[m])→m: the decryption algorithm. Take the private key sk=λ and the ciphertext [m] as input, calculate:
[0064] Paillier homomorphic encryption scheme has additive homomorphic properties:
[0065] [m 1 ]·[M 2 ]=[m 1 +m 2 ], k·[m]=[k·m].
[0066] (2) Multiplication sub-protocol
[0067] The agreement involves two parties P 1 And P 2.
[0068] Initialization: P 1 Call the key generation algorithm in the Paillier encryption scheme to generate the public key pk and the private key sk.
[0069] Input: P 1 The input is pk, sk;
[0070] P 2 The input of is the ciphertext [x] and [y] obtained by using pk encryption.
[0071] Agreement execution:
[0072] (2-1)P 2 Randomly choose r x ,r y ∈ Z N ,Calculate X=[x]·[r x ], Y=[y]·[r y ] And send X and Y to P 1;
[0073] (2-2)P 1 Decrypt X and Y to get x+r x And y+r y , Calculate h=(x+r x )(y+r y ), and encrypt it [h] = Enc (pk, h), send the cipher text [h] to P 2;
[0074] (2-3)P 2 Calculation S 3 =[r x ·R y ] N-1 And then calculate:
[0075] H·S 1 ·S 2 ·S 3 =[h-x·r y -y·r x -r x ·R y ]=[x·y].
[0076] Output: P 1 no output;
[0077] P 2 Output [x·y].
[0078] (3) Facility location method based on encrypted location data
[0079] In this embodiment, there are n location providers (customers) {C i } i∈{1,...,n} , 1 clustering computing party (companies with equipment location requirements) S, and 1 auxiliary computing party AS (any independent public cloud computing service, such as Alibaba Cloud, Amazon Cloud, Tencent Cloud, etc.), requires aggregation The class computing party S and the auxiliary computing party AS cannot collude.
[0080] In this embodiment, the coordinate data used are all in decimal, and 6 decimal places are reserved. In order to use integer representation, we multiply all the coordinate data by 10. 6. Therefore, the coordinate data can be represented by a 9-bit integer, and the data length is strictly less than ||N||/2-1, where N is the public key of the Paillier encryption scheme, and ||N|| represents the length of N.
[0081] Initialization: The clustering calculation party S calls the key generation algorithm in the Paillier encryption scheme to generate the public key pk and the private key sk.
[0082] Input: Location provider C i (i=1,2,...,n) input is its coordinate information And the public key pk;
[0083] The input of the clustering calculation party S is the public key pk, the private key sk, and the number of devices k;
[0084] The input of the auxiliary computing party AS is the public key pk.
[0085] Agreement execution:
[0086] (3-1) Data encryption stage
[0087] (a) Location provider C i (i=1,2,...,n) its coordinate information Encryption, i.e. call And the ciphertext Send to the auxiliary computing party A.
[0088] (b) The clustering calculation party S randomly selects k initial cluster centers according to the number of facilities And encrypt it, that is, call Ciphertext Sent to the auxiliary computing party AS.
[0089] (3-2) Clustering calculation stage
[0090] (A) At this stage, the auxiliary computing party AS has the ciphertext of all customer coordinates And the ciphertext of all cluster center coordinates
[0091] A performs the following operations:
[0093] Auxiliary calculation party AS will Send to the clustering calculation party S.
[0094] (B) For i=1, 2,...,n, S pairs Decrypt it, call get Let the element number with the smallest value in the vector be t. Let b i,t = 1, b i,j≠t =0, calculate vector B i =([b i,1 ],[b i,2 ],…,[B i,k ]), where [b i,j ]=Enc(pk,b i,j ). Will {B i } i=1,2,...,n Send to AS.
[0095] (C) For i=1, 2,...,n, AS is to vector B i =([b i,1 ],[b i,2 ],...,[b i,k ]) Perform inverse permutation Get A i =([a i,1 ],[a i,2 ],...,[a i,k ]),among them The rest a i,j =0.
[0096] (D) For i=1,2,...,n, AS is And A i =([a i,1 ],[a i,2 ],...,[a i,k ]) is the input, call the multiplication sub-protocol with S, and calculate:
[0099] At this point, AS can obtain two matrices of order n×k:
[0101] (E) For the jth column of each matrix, j∈{1,...,k}, AS is calculated
[0105] (F) For j=1,...,k, AS randomly selects Calculation will Send to S.
[0106] (G)S decrypted For j=1,...,k, calculate:
[0108] It is the coordinates of the cluster center numbered j in this round.
[0109] (F) Repeat (A) ~ (G) until the convergence condition is reached.
[0110] Output: S outputs the coordinates of k cluster centers As the construction location of the facility; the location provider {C i } i∈{1,...,n} No output; the auxiliary calculation party AS has no output.

Example Embodiment

[0111] Example 2:
[0112] Such as figure 2 As shown, Embodiment 2 of the present disclosure provides a facility location system based on encrypted location data, multiple customers (location providing terminal), auxiliary computing party AS (first terminal) and clustering computing party S (second terminal) ), the location providing terminal is in communication connection with the first terminal, the first terminal is in communication connection with the second terminal, and the location providing terminal, the first terminal and the second terminal execute the encrypted location data according to the first embodiment of the present disclosure Facility site selection method is adopted.


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