Method and device for realizing multi-channel Bluetooth audio output

A Bluetooth audio and Bluetooth technology, applied in the spatial/structural arrangement of speakers, short-distance communication services, electrical components, etc., can solve the problems of output, intelligent terminals can not perform multi-channel Bluetooth audio at the same time, reduce bandwidth, improve user The effect of experience

Pending Publication Date: 2021-02-26
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[0003] The present invention aims to solve the problem that existing smart terminals cannot simultaneously out...
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The invention relates to the technical field of audio playing, aims to solve the problem that an existing intelligent terminal cannot simultaneously output multiple paths of Bluetooth audios, and provides a method and a device for realizing the output of the multiple paths of Bluetooth audios, which have the main technical conception: determining the number N of paths needing to simultaneously output the Bluetooth audios is determined, wherein N is a natural number greater than 1; acquiring audio data sent by the intelligent terminal, and processing the audio data to enable the bandwidth occupied by the audio data transmission to be less than 1/N of the maximum bandwidth of the Bluetooth; copying the processed audio data into N parts, and correspondingly sending the copied N parts of audiodata to N audio playing devices in Bluetooth connection with the intelligent terminal; and enabling the audio playing device to synchronously play the received audio data. According to the invention,simultaneous output of multiple Bluetooth audios is realized, and the method is suitable for smart televisions.

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Loudspeaker signals distributionLoudspeaker spatial/constructional arrangements +1

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Data transmissionEngineering +4


  • Method and device for realizing multi-channel Bluetooth audio output
  • Method and device for realizing multi-channel Bluetooth audio output


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[0034] Example
[0035] The method for realizing multi-channel Bluetooth audio output described in the embodiment of the present invention is applied to a smart terminal, wherein the smart terminal may be a smart phone, a smart TV, a tablet computer or the like with a Bluetooth communication module and an audio playback function, The intelligent terminal establishes Bluetooth communication with multiple audio playback devices through the Bluetooth communication module, and the audio playback devices can be Bluetooth speakers. like figure 1 As shown, the method includes the following steps:
[0036] Step S1, determine the number N of channels that need to simultaneously output Bluetooth audio, and N is a natural number greater than 1;
[0037] Wherein, the method for determining the number N of channels that require simultaneous Bluetooth audio output includes: determining the number of audio playback devices that simultaneously establish Bluetooth connections with the smart terminal, and taking it as the number N that requires simultaneous Bluetooth audio output.


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