Low-wind-resistance wheel and automobile

A wind resistance and wheel technology, applied in the directions of wheels, vehicle parts, transportation and packaging, can solve the problems of insignificant reduction of fuel consumption, inability to close the air vents, and inability to open the brake pads, so as to avoid the air vents being too small and reducing the The effect of improving fuel consumption and improving service life

Pending Publication Date: 2022-04-08
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[0004] The purpose of the present invention is that the air vents cannot be adjusted in the existing low-drag wheel structure. In order to achieve the effect of heat dissipation, ...
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The low-wind-resistance wheel comprises a rim, spokes and a hub, the spokes are evenly distributed between the rim and the hub, the hub is provided with an energy storage bag, each spoke is provided with a guide pipe, one end of each guide pipe communicates with the energy storage bag, each guide pipe is connected with a sliding assembly, and the sliding assemblies are connected with the spokes. And the extrusion mechanism pushes the medium in the energy storage bag to enable each sliding assembly to slide, and drives the end part of each curtain connected to the sliding assembly to move so as to change the ventilation opening of the wheel. The automobile comprises the low-wind-resistance wheel. The automobile energy-saving device has the beneficial effects that the energy storage bag is arranged on the hub, the sliding assembly is arranged on the guide pipe, the extrusion mechanism is arranged on one side of the energy storage bag, thrust formed by media in the energy storage bag is controlled through the extrusion mechanism, the curtain unfolding size of the sliding assembly is controlled, the ventilation opening is closed through the curtain, and oil consumption generated by wind resistance of an automobile is reduced; and meanwhile, the heat dissipation requirement of wheel accessories such as brake pads during emergency braking is met.

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  • Low-wind-resistance wheel and automobile
  • Low-wind-resistance wheel and automobile
  • Low-wind-resistance wheel and automobile


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Example Embodiment

[0024] Example 1, see figure 1 , a wheel with low wind resistance, comprising a rim 2, a spoke 3 and a hub 1, a plurality of the spokes 3 are evenly distributed between the rim 2 and the hub 1, and an energy storage bag 4 is installed on the hub 1, each A conduit 42 is installed on the spokes 3, one end of each conduit 42 is communicated with the energy storage bag 4, and each conduit 42 is connected with a sliding assembly, and the extrusion mechanism pushes the energy storage. The medium in the bag 4 slides each of the sliding assemblies, and drives the end of each curtain 46 connected to the sliding assemblies to move to change the air vents of the wheels.
[0025] Among them, see figure 1 and Figure 4 , the hub 1 is provided with an annular groove, the energy storage bag 4 is located in the annular groove, the side of the energy storage bag 4 away from the bottom of the annular groove is in contact with the extrusion mechanism, the energy storage bag 4 There are several connection ports evenly distributed on the upper part, and each of the connection ports is respectively connected with each conduit 42 through a clamp 41 , and the energy storage bag 4 and the conduit 42 are filled with gas.
[0026] see figure 1 , each of the spokes 3 is provided with a through hole extending along its length direction, the through hole is for the conduit 42 to pass through, and the end of the conduit 42 away from the energy storage bag 4 is provided with a bent portion, the The bent portion extends circumferentially along the outer side of the rim 2, and the distal end of the bent portion is provided with an opening sliding component extending in the length direction. The rod 43 is located in the bent portion and can slide along the bent portion.
[0027] see figure 1 and figure 2 A sealing plug 431 is connected to one end of each of the rods 43 away from the port of the bent portion of the conduit 42 , and the sealing plug 431 is used to seal the medium in the conduit 42 .
[0028] see image 3 , a fixing member 442 is connected under the opening of the bending portion, a movable member 441 is passed through the opening of the bending portion, and the inner side of the fixing member 442 is slidably matched with the movable member 441 to form a movable sealing connection, The length of the movable member 441 is greater than the length of the fixed member 442 , the upper end of the movable member 441 is fixedly connected to the rod member 43 , and the inner side of the lower end is fixedly connected to the screen 46 .
[0029] see figure 2 , the sliding assembly further includes a spring 45, one end of the spring 45 is connected with the conduit 42 through the bracket, and the other end is connected with a top end of the screen 46 and the inner side of the movable member 441 to form a connection point 443.
[0030] see figure 1 , the curtains 46 are provided with several and are fan-shaped structures, one side radius of each of the curtains 46 is connected with the corresponding spokes 3, and the top of the other side radius is respectively connected with the corresponding spring 45 and the movable member 441. Connection, the bottom ends are respectively connected with the corresponding connection points 443 on the hub 1 .
[0031]see Figure 4 , the extrusion mechanism includes a pressure plate 48 and a cylinder 5, the pressure plate 48 is annular, the cylinder 5 is fixed in the center of the hub 1, the piston rod of the cylinder 5 is fixedly connected with the pressure plate 48 through a connecting piece, the pressure plate 48 can move along the groove 11 of the hub 1 to squeeze the energy storage bag 4 in the groove 11 .

Example Embodiment

[0032] Embodiment 2, an automobile, comprising the above-mentioned low wind resistance wheel. It should be noted that the vehicle can be a hatchback sedan, a sedan sedan, a pickup truck, an SUV, an MPV, a van or an off-road vehicle, such as a traditional fuel vehicle and a new energy vehicle.


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