Group-level operational asset charging management platform and method

A charge management and asset management technology, applied in the field of data processing, can solve the problems of the group's operating assets that cannot be managed as a whole, and achieve the effects of preventing irregular fund management, strengthening fund supervision, and reducing payment rates

Pending Publication Date: 2022-07-22
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Problems solved by technology

[0009] Aiming at the problem that the group's operating assets cannot be managed as a whole in the prior art, the present invention proposes a group-level operating asset fee management platform and method. Based on the cloud platform and big data analysis, it integrates the two aspects of aggregated payment and business-finance integration. Great f...
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Method used

As shown in Figure 3, in the present embodiment, by business system generation payment order/payment two-dimension code, after the customer pays, all clears to the corresponding account of A company at T+1, and each account Corresponding business data, actual payment status, rate deduction and other information are completely presented in front of Company A’s finances, and the reconciliation management unit automatically checks, without manual check of the account data, and automatically prompts when there is an error in the account, reducing manual financial reconciliation work quantity. The paid-in detailed report replaces the original monthly ledger report, further reducing the financial workload. For Company A and the Group, after adopting the management platform for operating asset charges, the Group can view all the details and actual payment status of each bill of Company A, and truly realize the supervision of each business bill of each company. Every payment record.
Cloud module adopts private cloud, is deployed with cloud database service, cloud storage service, cloud security service, cloud dynamic management service etc., possesses high availability and load balancing function, automatically carries out load adjustment according to resource situation, realizes non-stop updating and The use of server resources is automatically optimized; when one of the application servers fails, the cloud m...
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The invention discloses a group-level operational asset charging management platform and method, and the platform comprises an asset management module and an interface module, and the asset management module is connected with a business system and a payment channel through the interface module. And the asset management module obtains business data from the business system and generates a payment list for the user, and after the user completes payment through the payment channel according to the payment list, the payment data is transmitted to the asset management module and is bound with the corresponding business data. The traditional mode of face-to-face charging is changed, and self-service online payment of the user is realized through multiple forms such as an applet, an official account and an APP; unified reconciliation among business, payment and finance is realized for the first time: a bridge between a business order and a payment order is established to each bill and to the whole group electronic payment fund flow direction, and reconciliation is easily realized.

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Technology Topic

Business dataPayment order +5


  • Group-level operational asset charging management platform and method
  • Group-level operational asset charging management platform and method
  • Group-level operational asset charging management platform and method


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Example Embodiment

[0039] The present invention will be further described in detail below with reference to the examples and specific implementation manners. However, it should not be construed that the scope of the above-mentioned subject matter of the present invention is limited to the following embodiments, and all technologies realized based on the content of the present invention belong to the scope of the present invention.
[0040] like figure 1 As shown, the present invention provides a group-level operating asset charging management platform, including a cloud module, a technical service module and an interface module;
[0041] The cloud module adopts a private cloud and deploys cloud database services, cloud storage services, cloud security services, cloud dynamic management services, etc. It has high availability and load balancing functions, and automatically adjusts load according to resource conditions to achieve non-stop updates and server resource usage. Automatic optimization; when one of the application servers fails, the cloud module automatically performs load transfer and failure alarm for it.
[0042] The technical service module adopts a micro-service architecture, including functions such as distributed service framework, distributed message service, task scheduling, sub-database and sub-table middleware, and real-time business monitoring. To achieve smooth processing of high concurrent data volume while separating;
[0043] The interface module, in the form of a unified interface service, establishes the https standard interface service and permission control, which is used to access each module in the platform, and access the payment module through the application authorization KEY verification method, including applet, APP, public number, bank card, invoice, etc.
[0044] In this embodiment, an encryption security module is also included. This module adopts AES encryption + signature verification, and utilizes the mature and high security features of AES encryption technology to achieve the effect of encrypting the payment data in the whole domain, ensuring the security of funds and business data, and at the same time The third-party page data is securely processed by signature verification, which further enhances the overall security of the platform;
[0045] In this embodiment, an asset management module is also included, which is constructed with the concept of high cohesion and low coupling, and uses timed tasks for task scheduling, such as timed automatic reconciliation, automatic security log checking, and regular push of business system callback information, etc.;
[0046] like figure 2 As shown, the asset management module includes a unit and a receiving bank information management unit, a payment management unit, an electronic invoice management unit, an account reconciliation management unit, a clearing management unit, a report unit, a log management unit and a system management unit;
[0047] Among them, the information management unit of the unit and the receiving bank provides the group-level tree-like information configuration function, which is used to configure specific collection accounts and collection categories for each subsidiary of the group, and also has account approval and control functions to ensure The strict corresponding management of the group's collection bank accounts and collection categories is the basic premise of all charge management;
[0048] The payment management unit is the main business section of the entire charging management platform. It is connected to the business system through the interface module to manage asset costs, including payment order management, payable data management, and payment QR code management, etc. Overall mastery and supervision of the detailed information such as the amount of each charge, business number, payment status, payer, payment channel, payment time, etc. for each project of the company;
[0049] The electronic invoice management unit provides the function of issuing online electronic invoices for paid data, and supports combined billing of billing records, downloading of billed data, one-click redemption of invoices, and automatic email sending of electronic invoices;
[0050] The reconciliation management unit is used to automatically compare the full data of the business system, the payment platform and the payment channel in real time. The data is clear and clear. Greatly reduce the manual reconciliation and audit work of financial personnel;
[0051]The clearing management unit provides clearing rules for allocating transaction funds to multiple merchants according to a percentage. For common interests, each transaction can be settled in real time without staying in any account, and T+1 will be credited to the account. The work of financial staff to split accounts and make payments on a regular basis;
[0052] The report unit provides all the detailed data report analysis and export functions of global asset charges, such as general payment details, actual receipt details statistics, QR code collection statistics, etc.;
[0053] The log management unit provides global operation record logs, including login logs, security logs, operation logs, etc., to facilitate tracing and source-by-source search for problems;
[0054] The system management unit provides a global system setting authority function, including ticket type configuration, role configuration, authority configuration, user management, blacklist management, etc.;
[0055] Take the asset charge of an operation center of a subsidiary company A of a group as an example:
[0056] Before connecting to the operating asset charging management platform, the assets charged by the operation center are mainly based on regular verification business system + manual telephone collection + repeated door-to-door collection. When entering the financial account of Company A, the financial personnel need to spend a lot of time to check the accounts of which operation center and which business the money belongs to, and the supervision of receivables is not in place. The actual real-time collection status of each business system of Company A is very likely to cause asset loss and "confused accounts" of supervision.
[0057] After adopting the present invention, firstly sort out the existing business system and business ledger of Company A, access all business systems and corresponding billing data, and then issue a platform account for Company A in the name of the group, configure standard charging categories, and bind payment collection Bank accounts, configure users and permissions, and finally, the operation center personnel directly conduct daily work processing through the asset charging management platform. Because they are directly connected to the original business system, there is no obstacle to familiarity at the business level.
[0058] like image 3 As shown, in this embodiment, the payment order/payment QR code is generated by the business system, and after the customer's payment is completed, all are cleared to the corresponding account of Company A at T+1, and the business data corresponding to each account, the actual The payment status, rate deduction and other information are completely presented in front of Company A's finance, and the account reconciliation management unit automatically checks it, without the need to manually check the incoming data, and automatically prompts when there is an error in the account, reducing the workload of manual account reconciliation. The actual receipts detailed report replaces the original monthly ledger report, which further reduces the financial workload. For company A and the group, after adopting the operating asset charging management platform, the group can view the full details and actual payment status of each bill of company A, and truly realize the supervision of every business bill of each company. A record of every payment.
[0059] Those of ordinary skill in the art can understand that the above-mentioned embodiments are specific examples for realizing the present invention, and in practical applications, various changes in form and details can be made without departing from the spirit and the spirit of the present invention. scope.


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