Double-chamber high-pressure gas-quenching vacuum furnace

A high-pressure gas, cold room technology, applied in quenching devices, heat treatment equipment, manufacturing tools, etc., can solve problems such as waste of electricity

Inactive Publication Date: 2008-05-28
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[0002] Most of the current high-pressure gas quenching vacuum furnaces have a single-chamber structure. During the gas quenching process, since cooling and heating are carried out in the same room, the entire heating chamber must be cooled down at the same time as quenching. When the second batch of workpieces are quen...
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Disclosed is a double-chamber vacuum furnace of high-pressure gas quenching, which belongs to the field of heat treatment industry, in particular to a high-pressure gas quenching vacuum furnace composed of a quenching chamber and a heating chamber. Most of present high-pressure quenching vacuum furnaces are of a single chamber structure, and in the process of air quenching, cooling and heating are proceeded in the same chamber, thereby the whole heating chamber needs to be cooled down at the same time of quenching, when the second batch of pieces are needed to be quenched, the whole heating chamber needs to be heated again, thereby greatly wasting power energy. The main purpose of the device is to preserve the temperature of the original heating chamber in the secondary processing, thereby saving power energy and improving production effect, and the device is mainly composed of a water-cooled furnace wall with double walls, a middle gate valve, the heating chamber, a cold chamber feeding mechanism, a high-pressure fan, a heat transfer device, a flow guide device, a vacuum system, an electric control system and the like. After being heated in the heating chamber, pieces are taken out by the feeding mechanism to be transmitted to a cold chamber quenching area in which inactive gas is then filled in, and the high-pressure fan on the top portion of the invention is opened to proceed forced cooling and quenching, thereby on one hand, the taking out of the pieces need not to cool down the whole heating chamber, which improves cooling speed and quenching degree of the pieces, on the other hand, the heating chamber is in the state of continuous heat preservation, which provides energy source for the production of the second batch of pieces.

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Quenching devices

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[0004] The equipment is mainly composed of double-wall water-cooled furnace wall, middle door gate valve, heating chamber, cold chamber feeding mechanism, high-pressure fan, heat exchanger, diversion device, vacuum system, and electric control system. When the workpiece is heated in the heating chamber, it is taken out by the feeding mechanism and moved into the quenching zone of the cold chamber, then filled with inert gas, and the high-pressure fan on the top is turned on for forced cooling and quenching. On the one hand, the removal of the workpiece does not need to cool down the entire heating chamber, which improves the cooling rate and the hardenability of the workpiece. On the other hand, because the heating chamber is still in a state of continuous heat preservation, it provides energy for the production of the second batch of workpieces. .


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